How to Download Audio from YouTube

When you are viewing videos on YouTube, you may come across the sound or voice which touches your heart. Want to keep the audio to your computer or listen on the go? You are in the right place to find a perfect YouTube audio downloader—Streaming Audio Recorder. This downloader can help you download any audio from YouTube without quality loss, as long as you have a smooth internet connection. The audio can include songs from music videos or background music of homemade videos. Can’t wait to have a try now. Let’s move on to see how to use this smart downloader.

1 Install the youtube audio downloader

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Download the program and install it on your computer. The installation process will be very easy and quick as per the wizard. Remember to get the right version. We will focus on the windows version to see how to download YouTube audio below.

2 Download audio from YouTube

Launch the program installed on your computer. You can see a simply designed window for easy use. Click the Record button on the top left.

After that, you can go to to find your favorite audio. Make sure that you have a smooth internet connection. Then play the audio and the program starts to download the audio from YouTube. You should play one piece of audio one time to ensure that you get high-quality audio output.

download youtube audio

3 Play YouTube audio on your portable devices (optional)

You can play the audio on the program of course. But if you want to play on your portable devices like iPod, you have to transfer them first. There is an Add to iTunes button on the bottom. Choose the audio and click the button. Then the audio will be displayed in the SAR playlist on iTunes. Synchronize the audio to your iPod or others.

For other portable devices like Samsung phone, you can right-click the audio and select Open in Folder to locate where the audio is stored on your computer. Then transfer the audio to your Samsung phone all by yourself.

youtube audio downloader

Now you can listen to the audio anytime and anywhere. Do you also want to make ringtones? This youtube audio downloader can help you achieve this easily. Click the bell icon and select the part you like in the bitmap. Then save to put into your phones. By right-clicking the audio and selecting View Detail, you can edit the information about the audio on a column shown on the right. Quite attractive, right? Don’t hesitate. Download the program and have a try. You may get more surprises.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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