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2011 is the year for Amazon in eReader circle. In September, Amazon unveiled three Kindles, the fourth-generation of Kindle, Kindle Fire and Kindle touch. You have noticed something, right? Yes. Amazon turns to develop new Kindles with touch screen. Just neglect Kindle Fire here, which runs on Android 2.3 operating system. Let's talk about Kindle touch, an e-ink and touch display Kindle, the best eReader in the market.

Kindle touch is equipped with a 6-inch E-ink display. For people who are fond of reading, E-ink is a good choice, for it is able to protect readers' eyes and enhance reading experience. Reading on E-ink display is more or less like reading with paperback or hardcover. The 6-inch display is small and light-weighted, which makes it easy to carry around. And it is especially good to read eBooks, like TXT or EPUB format eBooks on it. However, when you turn to giant files, PDF eBooks, it is a little bit crappy. When Kindle touch automatically adjusts PDF to fit on the screen, the font becomes smaller. When you zoom in the PDF on the touch screen, the page of PDF is not displayed completely. You have to scroll back and forth to read the PDF files. In that case, you need to use Wondershare PDF Converter to convert PDF to Kindle friendly format for reading on Kindle.

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The touchscreen distinguishes Kindle touch from these Kindle keyboards. The screen is a bit larger than the fourth-generation model. It seems these pages turning buttons have been changed for the screen. Though this is the first time that Amazon produced touch-screen e-Reader, but Amazon really worked hard in improving the effect of typing on the virtual keyboard. Kindle touch is now the most popular E-ink touch screen e-Reader.

Like other Kindles, Kindle touch enables you to access to thousands of books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks on Amazon online store. You can handle eBooks on the e-Reader just as what you do with other Kindles. Now Kindle touch with Wi-Fi is $99, just the same as Kindle Fire. If you need a 3G version, $50 more should be added.

All in all, Kindle touch is a lightweight, compact e-Reader at an affordable price with an e-ink touch screen. When Kindle Fire fails to express it as an e-Reader, Kindle touch just snaps the fame as the best e-Reader ever.

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