Top 10 iTunes Scripts for iTunes

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What's iTunes Script?

iTunes Scripts are one kind of AppleScript for iTunes. What is AppleScript? It is a simple programming language that only works in Mac to control and automate actions. AppleScript is already available on your computer, what you will do is to write or download scripts to get things done. Scripts for iTunes can manage tracks, artwork, playlists, iPod, files, etc. It can also control iTunes, export information, and work with other applications, and on and on. In a word, iTunes scripts make iTunes do things it can't originally do, or do it better.

10 Useful Scripts to Enhance iTunes

#1 Super Remove Dead Tracks

iTunes has so called dead tracks that are indicated by a "!" next to the name. Supre Remove Dead Tracks helps clear up your music library in one click. It works only on OS X 10.6 or 10.7 

itunes script remove dead tracks

#2 Pandora Search

Pandora Search, formerly "Search for Pandora Stations", will open your default browser to search for Artist, Album, or Composer information.

#3 Import iPod Audio Files

Are there songs in your iPod that doesn't exist in iTunes? Use this iTunes script to import selected tracks to iPod. But note that it's NOT compatible with iPhone/iPod touch, and it requires the iPod be set to "Manually manage music and videos". To transfer files effortlessly between iPod/iPhone/iPad and Mac, try Wondershare TunesGo (Mac)

#4 Block Party!

This iTunes script generates a "Block Party" playlist of random Artists and a specific number of their randomly chosen songs. The generated playlists isgreat for parties.

#5 Make PDF Booklet

This script creates a PDF booklet containing info from the selected tracks and then copy it to the playlist where the selected tracks reside. Download "Make PDF Booklet" now.

#6 Google Lyric Search

Do what it claims. Quickly open your default web browser, and uses the name and artist of the current or selected track to search lyrics with Google. Get Google Lyric Search.

#7 Gather Up the One-Hits

Gather Up the One-Hits, as indicated by its name, instantly collect all the "one-hit wonders" in your iTunes library -- copy every audio track whose artist is represented by just a single track to a new playlist, and decide whether to find more tracks by that artist.

#8 Quick Convert

It (Download link) converts all or just the selected tracks of the Playlist using the available encoders in iTunes. It can also save AAC encoded tracks as M4B "bookmarkable" (the track will resume playing from the place you left off when you played it at the last time.) and re-add the converted files to the Books library. For professional video converter for any video, try Video Converter Ultimate.

itunes script quickconvert

#9 mySpins

Only this iTunes script is the paid script in this artilce. You could buy it on Mac App Store for $4.99 USD. The key feature of mySpins is to monitors and analyzes your itunes music library and displays your most played songs arranged and ranked in a variety of intuitive charts.

You could also learn more about mySpins iTunes script here.

itunes script spins

#10 Script Shortcut Maker

Already install too many iTunes scripts and hard to find it. Never mind, assign a keyboard shortcut to each script with this Script Shortcut Maker.

How to Use iTunes Scripts

The iTunes Scripts are usually a single package file. Therefore, just put the AppleScripts to [username]/Library/iTunes/Scripts/ folder (if not exists, create one), and then you can access them from the script menu in iTunes.

itunes scripts

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