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3 Ways to Reduce the Size of Your iTunes Library

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What's the biggest iTunes library? There is not technical maximum library size for iTunes. But the larger the iTunes library size is, the slower your iTunes will turn to. This article will share 3 ways to reduce iTunes library size to release free space and speed up your iTunes.

Reduce the size of music files

The size of music files may vary greatly from different parameters such as bit rate and channels. If you are not as discriminating as some music enthusiast, the 192 kbps bit rate is enough for quality. So how to reduce the size of music files? See the specifics below:

1. First go to iTunes > Preferences > General > Import Settings > MP3 Encoder and set quality to Higher Quality (192 kbps).

2. Create a Smart Playlist from File > New Smart Playlist.

3. Set "Bit Rate is greater than 192" as the criteria to find out all matched music files.

4. Select all music files by Command + A or dragging.

5. Right click and select Create MP3 version. This will take a lot of time if your music collection is very large.

6. Go to Library > Music and show duplicates by File > Display Duplicates.

7. Sort by Bit Rate (If bit rate column doesn't appear, right click on any column and select Bit Rate. You are recommended to repeat this process to show Size column to see how much size is reduced for each music file - from 256 to 192, about 3MB - each song. )

8. Delete the larger music files.

remove duplicates

Maintain Multiple iTunes Libraries

Be default, your media files, such as video, TV shows, music, podcasts, are stored in the same iTunes library. However, you can sperate them by creating different libraries to store different types of files. And it's very easy to switch between different libraries. To do it, just hold down Option (or Shift for Windows) when starting iTunes to choose library or create a new one. Learn more about iTunes library here.

delete duplicates in itunes

duplicates in itunes are also the main reason why your iTunes library is so large. To delete duplicates in itunes, go to Music, Movies, TV Shows, etc. and click File / Display Duplicate to show all duplicate in iTunes. Then remove the larger or older files. See more details about how to remove duplicates from itunes library >>.

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Apr 01,2016 10:39 am / Posted by Ellon Smith to iTunes

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Also a good tool is DuplicateFilesDeleter!
File > Display Duplicate is NOT listed under the Menu options in iTunes version 11. Any other ideas to do this in Ver. 11?
If you are worried about that, you can right click any song and select, "show in playlist" which brings another menu out showing all of the playlists that song is contained within. That is helpful since you can then manually replace each instance of the song with the version you intend to keep just before you delete the duplicate.
Ahh, really great advice, thanks!
WARNING: Make sure to hold shift before you go into file and display duplicates! This will display exact duplicates and prevent you from deleting a song that are on two different albums
Ask Apple to pay it. But I'm afraid that the file size can't be reduced too much or there'll be something bad happened, just like yours. Take card, man.
I used the first tip and reduced my library size drastically, The problem is that iTunes did a horrendous job converting most of the files and most are unlistenable. Unfortunately, I deleted the originals before listening and most of my files are lost now.
Good advice, but the one problem that comes with this is that if the songs you have duplicated and are now going to delete are in playlists, then they'll be removed from the playlist also.
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