Top 5 iTunes Widgets from Yahoo

Want to get more out of your iTunes? Did you know your iTunes can be an alarm clock, a sleep timer, radio music store, a karaoke machine? By using Yahoo widgets, you can turn all of these to reality in minutes. Besides, Yahoo Widgets (install first) bring more to your Mac or Windows desktop through over 4000 widgets. Here is our selected Yahoo widgetsfor iTunes. Hope it helpful to you.

Top 5 iTunes Widgets from Yahoo

iTunes Alarm Clock

Now stop the stupid BUZZING from a regular alarm clock, just turn your iTunes into a sound Alarm clock by playing your favorite music. For example, create a playlist called "Alarm", and let iTunes make you up at specified time.

itunes widget alarm

iTunes Sleep Timer

This iTunes widget is similar to the previous one, so it could also be used as an nap alarm clock by setting iTunes off for a while. You could also have iTunes play you to sleep. Nice iTunes widget!

itunes widget timer

iTunes Bar

iTunes Bar features all the standard displays and controls plus a separate artwork window for iTunes album cover. It even provides integration with lyrics searching Widgets.

itunes widget bar

iTunes Radio Lover

Picture this. You are listening to the iTunes radio and want to know what's the song that is currently playing. Now this Yahoo widget for iTunes - iTunes Radio Lover tells you all the information you want - the music title, album author, the link to buy it on iTunes store, and more. This is my personal favorite widget for iTunes.

itunes widget radiolover

iTunes Companion

iTunes Companion widget automatically searches album cover artwork from and download to your computer. It also displays lyrics so that you can sing to the currently playing song. Just as its name indicates, it's a close to heart iTunes companion. You can even display lyrics on iPod if the lyrics are embedded to the song before copying to iPod. Try it.

itunes widget companion

How to Install iTunes Widget from Yahoo

Yahoo Widgets are small but flexible application or platform for you to bring all things to your Mac or Windows desktop. If you are programmer, you could even make your own iTunes widgets from the easy to get started tools. But for general users, what you need is only to download the widgets and install like normal applications. The widgets sit in a wide range, including but not limited to weather, finance, calendar, batter, game, music, and on and on. And did I mention it? All free.

To install iTunes widget, just double click on the downloaded *.widget file. If the system prompts that there is no application to open it, right click the setting button on Yahoo Widgets dock and select Open Widget... to choose the widget you want to launch.

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