Identify iTunes Songs' Name with Tunatic

There are many songs in your iTunes library that you don't know even their name? Now you can identify every iTunes song for free with Tunatic freeware. Only an internet connection and microphone (optional) required.

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Identify iTunes Songs with Tunatic

itunes song identifier

Step 1: Download and Install Tunatic

Tunatic is a cross-platform song identifier for both Mac and Windows. Download it here. Tunatic requires a sound source to work. An external microphone will capture the song for detect. If you do not have an external microphone, check out this:

1. If you are playing music directly from your computer, most PC sound cards allow you to select "What you hear" (also named "Stereo Mix" or "Mixed Output") as input.

2. Most Mac computers have a built in microphone, which means you can use Tunatic directly.

Step 2: Play the Music in iTunes

Now run Tunatic and open iTunes to play the music you want to identify. Make sure your internet connection works as normal. If the signal is weak, try to turn up the volume of the songs.

itunes song identifying

Step 3: Tunatic identifies the song.

Click Tunatic's 'search' button, Tunatic will send the song's features to the Tunatic server. The server searches its database and returns the result.

Song Identifier on iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android

Tunatic only works in Mac or Windows computer. If you have Apple devices or Android phones, you could also try SoundHound or Shazam apps to identify iTunes songs.

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