iTunes Alarm Clock - Let iTunes Wake You Up

Alarm clock is a useful way to tell you to start or stop doing something. Whether your alarm music is good or terrible to listen, you get roused. And now start to pick your iTunes alarm clock first. Both is free to download and use.

iTunes Album for Mac

This is the most powerful alarm clock to turn your iTunes and Mac to fully featured alarm clock. It supports unlimited alarms, any playlist in iTunes (even folder, radio, and share playlist), random music, and more. Learn more about iTunes Album for Mac

itunes alarm mac

iTunes Alarm for Mac is also a sleep timer. Plus, while you fell asleep to your music, iTunes Album for Mac puts your computer to sleep quietly, saving energy. Besides the alarm clock feature, you can even use it to switch from one playlist to another, changing your party's mood at a specific time (telling your guests that it's time to leave.)

iSnooze - iTunes Album Clock for Windows

iSnooze is a playlist-based iTunes alarm clock. As the following image illustrated, it comes with many options to lets you schedule times for iTunes to start playing songs in selected playlist. At the same time, gradual volume increasing, multiple alarm schedules, temporary pausing, minimizing to system tray are also available. All makes it a powerful iTunes alarm clock for Windows users.

itunes alarm isnooze

Download iSnooze here.

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