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1 Transfer iTunes Files
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How to Import iTunes Library to Winamp

Want to switch from iTunes to Winamp with an Android phone without losing your iTunes library? Now with the latest version of Winamp, you can easily import your iTunes library and playlists, and sync with Android phone with Winamp app for Android. See the detailed steps below.

Winamp Fresh Installation

Step 1: Download the latest version of the Winamp Media Player, and install in minute. Note that Version 5.6 or later is required for wireless sync to Winamp for Android.

Step 2: Run Winamp and you'll be prompted to import your iTunes library to Winamp. Select "Import from iTunes" to import all of your itunes music tracks into the Winamp Media Library.

add media to library

Already Installed Winamp

If you have already installed Winamp on your system, you need do it manually by clicking on "Library" in the bottom left-hand corner of the player and select "Import iTunes Media Library".

import itunes library

Only iTunes library is not enough. You'll want to import your iTunes Playlists, too. To do so, click "Library" in the bottom left corner and select "Import iTunes Playlist". Therefore, you get everything in Winamp similar to iTunes, and start enjoying the speed and more features of Winamp.

If you want to sync your Winamp media library to Winamp on your library device, just use the USB connection or Wi-Fi network. I will choose Wi-Fi because it's simple to sync Winamp media library between computer and phone wirelessly. The steps are easy: first install Winamp for Android and enable wireless sync in Menu/Settings; then pair your device with computer; in the running Winamp, mouse over the device icon and click the "Sync" button.

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As noted above, click on the library button in bottom left and it has a list...from there select import playlist from iTunes
Whenever I try to do this it freezes in (not responding). No exception.
Hi, my Winamp v.5.63 does not show "Import iTunes ..." options into Library; how did you activated them ?
what about RE-syncing my iTunes playlists in Winamp? How do I get Winamp, which already has imported my iTunes library and playlists, to recognize NEW iTunes playlists, or renamed playlists, or revised playlists?
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