How to Get Free iTunes Songs

Everyone loves free things, don't you? This article will share 3 ways to download iTunes songs to your computer without a charge.

Free Download iTunes Songs Legally

Apple knows people love free stuff. You can get free iTunes songs (as well as TV Show, Apps, Books, etc.) easily. Just follow these steps. What you need is only an iTunes account.

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1. Open iTunes, and go to Store > Sign in your iTunes account. Or create a new one if you don't have one yet.

2. Click iTunes Store on the left.

3. Mouse over Free on iTunes on the right of iTunes Store. Don't hesitate to click on it.

4. You will see free stuff. Click Free to get free iTunes downloaded, or learn more about those free music on iTunes Store.

5. Finally find the download free songs in the Music in iTunes or other categories.

Google Free iTunes Songs

Google is your friend. Just type in "free itunes songs" in the search bar, you get millions of result. But only some of them are really works. You have to spend lots of time to start download the "free iTunes songs". I add the quote mark because your time is priceless. Maybe it's a good idea to buy your music instead, and spend more time on your work or with your family, instead.

Note: Don't click this Google result - "iTunes - Music - Free" - it's not the free iTunes songs, but a band from England called "Free". They are famed for their perennial "All Right Now."

Recording Music Free and Legally

As far as you know, we can record TV shows with a DVR or computer TV and it is not considered illegal. Likewise, recording of online music should NOT be considered illegal as long as you only use it for personal purpose, and do NOT conduct any illegal distribution of the recorded materials. So why not record music now to save money? Only a stream audio recorder is needed.

At the same time, we respect the right of music copyright holder. If you like the music you record, you are suggested to buy it on iTunes Store.

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TunesGo Retro

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