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Top 3 Free iTunes Lyrics Widgets for Mac

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You will need to have lyrics for all your music so that you can use the other widgets to display lyrics. This tool, however, can search and download lyrics to all your songs automatically. Give it a try and you will get more surprises. Learn More >>

Many iTunes lyric widgets are not longer available any more due to the copyright issue or the develop team gives up the project, like the Harmonic widget and the Tunes Lyric Widgets for Mac. Fortunately, we have tested these three lyrics widgets for the latest iTunes (10.5) in Mac 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). All of them works. Choose your favorite iTunes lyrics widget to sing that iTunes.

Get Lyrical

This iTunes lyric widget only works in Mac machines. The interface is as simple as possible - only a few buttons included. With Get Lyrical, you can easily add lyrics to the currently playing song track or a selection of tracks. To view lyrics, simply click the eye button. With Active Tagging button on, you can automatically get lyrics for songs when you play them. This is definitely an iTunes lyric widget you should not miss, although it will sometimes crash.

itunes lyric plugin get


This is a Mac Dashboard widget to display lyrics for the currently playing song. Basic control over iTunes songs is also provided so that you can sing to next tune easily. Album cover artwork could be switched on or off on the top right button. Click the "i" button for more preferences such as font, style, lyric database, etc. By default, MetroLyrics and Utamap database is used mainly for English and Japanese lyrics. Get it here.

itunes lyric widget text

Tips: How to Remove Dashboard Widgets

1. In Dashboard (the same with F4 to open), extend the Widget Bar by clicking the plus sign button.

2. Click the Manage Widgets button or click the Widgets widget button to show a list of all your installed widgets.

3. Click the red remove button to remove installed dashboard widget to trash.

iTunes Companion

This widget from Yahoo is not only a lyrics widget. It requires Yahoo Widgets (a small application to install other widgets) installed on your Mac or Windows. Besides displaying lyric for the currently playing track, it also allows you to make Karaoke-style lyrics and searches for album cover artwork. It's the most powerful lyrics widgets among these three iTunes widgets.

itunes companion

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TunesGo Retro

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