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GimmeSomeTune is actually much more than an itunes lyrics plugin in my opinion. But this article will mainly focus on the lyrics and artwork functions of GimmeSomeTune. Besides featuring as a lyrics and artwork fetcher, it also services as a lightweight and centralized enhancement for iTunes which does a lot of things in a single place, such as mini-controller on top bar, scrobbling your music to, controlling iTunes with hotkeys, iChat support, remote control support, etc.

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Download GimmeSomeTune here

How to Fetch Lyrics from Internet

GimmeSomeTune currently uses lyricwiki's lyrics database to fetch lyrics for iTunes. No other lyrics sources are provided. You need to make setting to make it fetch lyrics. So click the GimmeSomeTune music note on top and select Preferences, in the open windows, go to "Artwork, Lyrics" tab and check the option "Fetch lyrics from internet, when song has none". As the option indicates, GimmeSomeTune won't fetch anything if the song has already lyrics. I like this setting because it's more safer not to change something exists, and this saves internet resources, too.

How to Embed Lyrics to Audio File

After fetched the lyrics from internet, you need to manually embed lyrics to audio files by right clicking on lyrics window and selecting "Send Lyrics To iTunes".

How to Display Lyrics for iTunes Songs

To display lyrics for iTunes songs is simple. Just click the music note on top and select Show Lyrics from the menu.

itunes lyric plugin gimme

How to Change Lyrics Font

GimmeSomeTune allows you to add your favorite style to the lyrics fonts. You can change the settings in Preferences > Appearance > Fonts.

Hotkey to Show/Hide Lyrics

Advanced hotkey features are included in GimmeSomeTune. You have basic hotkeys, player hotkeys and rating hotkeys. Default hotkeys settings are provided, but you can change it to your favorites. The default hotkey for lyrics is Control-Option-Command-L. Change it in Preferences > Hotkeys.

Tips: If you use GimmeSomeTune a lot, don't forget to check the option "Start GimmeSomeTune with iTunes" in Preferences.

GimmeSomeTune is a must-have iTunes plugin for music lyrics lover. Download the donationware GimmeSomeTune here

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Dec 22,2015 11:42 am / Posted by Ellon Smith to iTunes

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jane hulbert
looking for o=songs with the word conversation n them
jane hulbert
how do i find songs withe the words - conversation - chat - talk about it
Oriane Rodriguez
I installed it but it always displays "No lyrics", no matter the song. And I checked on lyric wiki, they exist. Anyone had the same issue yet? It seems like a cool plugin, I really want to make it work...!
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