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How to export itunes playlist with Music Files

Most of the times a user need to transfer or export a playlist due to the fact that it requires sharing with others so that they never have to go through the same hectic process of searching and gathering songs as the user did. If a playlist has been gathered keeping in mind any special occasion then it is definitely priceless and the user transfers it to others to make sure that they can also play and enjoy it on an occasion that is of similar genre. The iTunes playlist is also transferred to the other devices to make sure that it is kept safe and secure and nobody can access it due to the awesome collection of songs that are there in it. This tutorial has been written keeping in view the needs and requirements of the users when it comes to iTunes playlist export.

Part1.export itunes playlist with Music Files with iTunes

It is a simple process that requires a user to only be a good user of the iTunes software program and the rest is all done in a blink of an eye. To make the process simple the user needs to make sure that the steps that are presented here in this tutorial are followed step by step to make sure that the issue is never faced in this regard and the user continues to enjoy the iTunes playlists that he has created. Following are some simple steps involved in this regard:

i. As a first step the user needs to make sure that the iTunes software is launched:


ii. From the current iTunes session it is advised to click on the playlist option to make sure that the process continues:


iii. On the left software panel the user needs to click the playlist that is to be exported:


iv. Now the user needs to follow the path File > Library


v. Then export playlist option is to clicked as it has been highlighted:


vi. In the new file that opens the user needs to make sure that the file type is selected as XML files against the “Save as type”. This will also complete the process in full:


Part2.Export Playlists from iTunes to Text

The process of saving iTunes to text is fairly simple and it is almost similar to the one that has been mentioned above. The only difference is to make sure that the Save as type is changed to text in the last step. For the user’s convenience the process is however repeated to avoid any inconvenience and confusion:

i. Launch iTunes:


ii. Click playlist on the main bar when the current session is being played:

iii. The playlist to be exported is to be clicked on the left panel of the iTunes:

iv. Click File > Library > export playlist

v. From the next window that pops up the user needs to make sure that the “Save as type” is selected to text. If the format is demanded by the system the UTF -8 is to be selected. Hit save and complete the process:


Part3.export itunes playlists to iPhone/iPad/iPod

It is the simplest process which makes life easier for many users and hence they resolve this issue by simple connecting their device to the computer and transferring the content to the new iDevice as per their requirements. To make it simpler this tutorial will now enlighten the users regarding the iTunes playlist export to iPhone and other iDevices with ease as satisfaction:

i. The user needs to connect the Apple’s device to computer through a USB cable to start the process:


ii. Once it has been done the user needs to make sure that the iExplorer is then launched on Mac or PC whatever the genre of the machine is:


iii. The iExplorer is detect the device and will display its contents. To view the music the user needs to click the music on the left panel and then the relevant playlist:


iv. Now the user needs to follow Transfer > Transfer entire playlist to iTunes path moving forward to ensure that the process is continued smoothly and without any hassle:


v. To complete the process the user needs to close and restart the iTunes software and then to make sure that the target device is connected to the same PC and the iTunes are synced with it so that the new playlist is transferred to the new device without any issue.

Part 4. Issues with the transfer and TunesGo

At times when the user transfers the playlist to the other iDevices the old playlist is deleted instantly. It is something which worries a user a lot due to the fact that almost everyone wants to keep the old playlist in its original place. To make sure that the issue is never faced it is advised to download and install TunesGo which is a wonderful program developed by the Wondershare. To make sure that the needful is achieved without any issue the user needs to make sure that the following process is replicated on their respective PC’s or Mac’s to make sure that the issue is resolved:


Wondershare TunesGo - Download,Transfer and manage your music for your iOS/Android Devices

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i. The program is to be downloaded from www.wondershare.com/tunesgo/ as the latest version is always there to support the need of the users. Once it has been downloaded the user needs to make sure that it is launched so that the main interface appears:


ii. The user then needs to connect the iDevice with the computer with the help of the cable that comes along:


iii. The user then needs to press add at the top of the program window as soon as the media is detected onto the device:


iv. Smart export to iTunes is then to be clicked to make sure that the media is synced with the iTunes software:


v. Once it has been done the user can attach the target iDevice to the computer once again and make sure that the media exported to iTunes is synced with the device to get the job done.

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