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iTunes Library Analyzer - Analyze iTunes Library to Charts

Want to know more about your iTunes library and your musical tastes? Analyze your iTunes library with Super Analyzer. It creates a variety of charts and statistics based on your iTunes library, such as how many songs in each genre, which hour of the day you listen to the most music, how quickly your iTunes library is growing, how about the song quality, and what artists/albums/genres/decades are played most.

All the generated charts and statistics are easy to be shared with others via image, PDF or HTML web page. More iTunes and iPod Software >>

Charts and Statistics by Super Analyzer

itunes analyzer songs in genre

How Many Songs You Have in Each Genre

itunes analyzer most played

Most Played Artists and Albums

itunes analyzer library growth

The Growth of iTunes Library over Time

itunes analyzer listening times

How Many Songs You Have Listen During Each Hour of the Day

Super Analyzer Requirements and Usage

1. Both Windows and Mac are supported.

2. Requires Java and iTunes.

3. Free to download and use. To use it, unzip the file to a folder, and double click on SuperAnalyzer.jar to run.

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