How to Get Apps on iPhone for Free

Is there anyone who doesn’t love free? There is not as single user in entire iOS community who does not want to have free applications downloaded to their mobile. By free applications full version and functionality is meant. To make sure that the user gets the best results in this regard this tutorial has been developed.

Part1: App Store full functionality (checking out free apps, browsing categories and App store searching)

It is a very common that has been discussed by number of users over different forums. But for a new user this might become an issue due to the fact that iOS is not easy to operate for a new user. Following is the process in this regard which covers all the points:

i. The user has to tap the app store application within the application drawer of iPhone:

the following interface

ii. Fill in all the required info and press OK:

make sure the desired video

iii. Browse the app within the categories:

take snapshots in vlc media

iv. The app is to be tapped to access the details so that more options could be explored:

click take snapshot

v. Press “Get” to proceed further in this regard:

click take snapshot

vi. Tap install to finish the process and to download the app and which will be installed automatically by the iOS:

click take snapshot

Part 2. Get paid apps by Time-limit free market

By time limit free market means that a paid application is available for a limited period of time to make sure that more users can get the advantages and download the application so that ratings could be improved over time. Following is the process in this regard:

i. Note-lfy is an application that is free for a limited period of time. Though the normal price of the application is not high still it makes a huge difference. The interface is as follows:

doublen click the vlc icon

ii. To download the application the user needs to visit and click the download link:

paly the video

iii. This will lead the user to App store where he needs to make sure that the “Download free” button is pressed:

click take snapshot

iv. The prompts that are displayed for the app download should be followed to make sure that the installation is completed and the app is ready to work. This also finishes the process in full and now user can enjoy this paid app that has been downloaded as a result of limited time free offer. Not only Note-lfy but there is tens of thousands of apps that are available via limited time free offer.

Part 3. Get apps shared with others via TunesGo Retro

It is also one of those simple software programs that can be used to do the needful in this regard and the user just needs to make sure that the software program is downloaded and installed. The steps are mentioned below

Yet another powerful and exciting tool that has been developed by Wondershare by the name of TunesGo Retro makes it possible for the users to get the apps that are shared with others in a fast and effective manner. The process that is embedded within is fairly simple and for the same reason the users do not have to face any hassle in this regard. Following is the detail of the steps involved in this regard:

i. The user needs to download the program from and should follow the prompts to make sure that the installation is done:


ii. In the next step the user needs to make sure that the iDevice is connected to the computer with the USB cable:


iii. The software will automatically detect the device itself and will display the contents so that they could be manipulated:


iv. The user then needs to make sure that the export to button at the top is pressed so that the drop down menu appears. From there the user needs to select the appropriate device to which the transfer is required. Once done it will finish the process automatically:


Part 4. Get free APP distribution software

The free distribution software programs make sure that the iOS applications are downloaded and installed without any problem and issue. It is to be noted that free promotion of the applications might not be as effective as the paid ones but yet it is a powerful tool to make sure that the user gets the application to the web directory without any issue. It is also to be noted that the free software programs also have paid subscriptions through which a rigorous strategy can be developed in this regard. Following are some of the sources in this regard:

i. is one of the best platforms that makes sure that the application is distributed for free through a micro website. Following is a picture of the website:


ii. is another free yet powerful tool to make sure that the iOS application is shared with the world free of charge:


iii. is another free tool that allows the user to make sure that the application is pitched to the potential website and the iOS developers can use this platform to make sure that the application is promoted outside the Apple’s app store:


Part 5. Searching on websites

The website search and analysis is also one of the best ways to browse for the iOS applications that are relevant to the person as well as the business he runs. Some iOS users are of the view that the search results that are displayed by the App store are full of errors and it is due to the fact that the handful of applications are picked and displayed and sometimes the user needs that app which is not listed in the initial search results or not ranked at the top. To avoid all this stuff there are websites which collect information about the unique applications that are presented by the App store to its users and they are relevant to most of them but still ignored due to the fact that they are never listed at the top. The websites like AppShopper and AppLISTS make sure that all such lists are displayed to the users so that they can get full advantage and can download the application directly to the iTunes software that has been installed on to the system. This iTunes application is then synced with the target device and the data is transferred which saves a lot of time for the users.

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