Pokemon Go Tips: How to Evolve and Level up Pokemon

Pokémon Go Tips: How to Evolve and Level up Pokémon

Unlike various other Pokémon games, Pokémon Go does not follow the evolution rules of Pokémon of its predecessors. Players cannot rack up experience points for their Pokémon by simply battling wild Pokémon. In contrast to the other ROM games, Pokémon Go allows the player to level up their Pokémon by Special Candy and Stardust. Since battling wild Pokémon has been taken out of the context, a little motivation is left for the players to move around. However, Pokémon Go infuses reality into the virtual GPS to motivate the player to move around in the real world. By creating various Pokéstops, the game has given the trainers access to the random items they would need for evolving and gaining experience. Due to the game's rising popularity and uniqueness, it is in demand by enthusiast all over the world. It is available to download directly to your Android devices through the Wondershare MobileGo.

Evolve Pokemon

Why would players need to level up and evolve their Pokémon? First of all, to win Gym battles, players need Pokémon with high combat power to increase durability and hit points that will, In turn, increase their chances of winning a battle. Not to mention trainers can have extra Gym activities by evolving their Pokémon, they can get boosts in their Pokémon’s HP, CP, and also give access to new attack abilities. Additionally, it will also fill up your Pokédex since some evolved forms can never be caught in the wild.

Going back to the actual process of evolving Pokémon, trainers will need two items: Stardust and Special Candy. It can never be traded nor can it be bought. Stardust will raise the Combat Power of your Pokémon, while Special Candy will evolve it. Stardust can be used on any Pokémon and is universal, on the other hand, Special Candy is Pokémon breed specific. For example, an Eevee Special Candy cannot work on Spearow nor can a Spearow Special Candy work on an Eevee. Trainers may also need a specific number of special candies before the Pokémon is allowed to evolve. Some Pokémon may only need 5 pieces of Special Candy, while others may need a 400 pieces of Special Candy, mainly Magikarp that is pretty much useless without an evolution. Pokémon like Spearow need very little Candy to evolve, on the other hand, rarer Pokémon like Hypno or Clefable may need a lot of Special Candy to evolve. Trainers can increase the Combat Power of their Pokémon by either feeding them a piece of Special Candy or stardust ranging from 200 to 800 bits. Usually, this can increase the combat power by 30 to 80 points.

Candy to Evolve Pokemon

Player often get distraught after encountering the same Pokémon over and over again, however, through this task they can obtain Special Candies. Trainers are given 5 to 10 pieces of candy after the first catch of one breed of Pokémon and 3 to 5 pieces after capturing the same breed the next time. Players can earn one special candy by transferring extra Pokémon of the same breed to the Professor. So even if it gets tiring, it is important for trainers to catch duplicate Pokémon. Stardust can be found with ease, it can either be given to the player after capturing a Pokémon or after their trainer level rises. Trainer level will increase by gaining XP from nice throws, capturing Pokémon, and gym battles.

Once the trainer has collected enough Special Candy and Stardust, they can follow these steps to evolve their Pokémon.

  1. On the main GPS screen, tap on the Pokéball in the center of the display. This will show the player the Pokémon button, proceed by tapping on it.
  2. Players need to tap on the Pokémon which they want to evolve or level up. The game will display the stats of the selected Pokémon as well two buttons: the Evolve Button and the Power Up button. On the right of these buttons, the cost of tapping on the button is displayed, while the total number of Special Candy and Stardust which the player has is displayed on top of the buttons.
    Click to Evolve Pokemon

If the trainers have enough candy and stardust to evolve the Pokémon these buttons will be lit up green otherwise, they cannot be initiated. Despite this, if the Pokémon already has a high level of Combat Power they may not be able to evolve since the trainer level of the player is not high enough to control the evolved form of the Pokémon. Players can gain Trainer XP through numerous sources some of which are listed below.

  • 100XP is awarded on capturing a Pokémon
  • 500XP is awarded on capturing a new Pokémon
  • 10XP is awarded by throwing a perfect Pokéball
  • 50XP is awarded by visiting a Pokéstop
  • 500XP is awarded by evolving a Pokémon.

Whether it is important to gain a higher level of CP before the evolution of a Pokémon or after is the big question that is running rampant in majority of the trainers mind. After the recent release of the game, many claims have been made that increasing the Combat Power of the Pokémon before an evolution will give you a better chance at winning a Gym Battle. However, that is only because it will force the player to increase the Trainer Level, which will, in turn, give an edge during battles. Preferably, it is better to evolve Pokémon before raising their level with the intention of raising their CP level in correspondence with the Trainer Level.

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Step 1. Download Pokémon GO APK to computer.

Pokémon GO

Step 2. Install Pokémon GO APK to your Android Phone.

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install pokémon GO apk

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install pokémon GO apk directly

Why would somebody want this? Well, everyday living can get boring. So why not spice it up with some Pokémon? Download Pokémon Go APK and start discovering your first Pokémon in the Real World!


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