Have A Problem with Facebook on Your Mobile? Here Are the Solutions

In your experience with Facebook, you must have faced a number of problems, and maybe wondered what could be done to fix these issues. Well, here are a number of confirmed problems that most Facebook users face, along with the solutions for each one of them:

Part 1: 20 problems with Facebook and their solutions

1. Having problems with the newsfeed?

Either the new feeds won’t load or if they load, the photos won’t appear. Here’s what you should do; most Facebook problems are associated with connection issues, so check your internet connection and refresh the page. Alternatively, if the issue has nothing to do with the internet connection, you can adjust your newsfeed preferences by scrolling down on your Facebook news feed page and tapping on the newsfeed preferences. This of course varies depending on the type of browser you’re using. On the newsfeed preferences page, you can change who sees your posts first, and even change the stories you don’t want posted on your newsfeed.

2. Forgot password issues?

If you have forgotten your Facebook password, simply open the Facebook login page and select the Forgot password link. This link will notify Facebook to send your password to your email from where you can then retrieve it.

3. Login and account hacking issues?

If you suspect that your Facebook account has been hacked or you are having issues with logging in to your account, simply go to your Facebook account page and scroll down to the help link at the bottom of the page. Click help and tap on the option marked 'login & password'. Tap on 'I think my account was hacked or someone is using it without my permission'. The link will instruct you to enter your login details and advise you accordingly on what you should do.

4. Can’t retrieve deleted messages?

This is an issue that most Facebook users don’t understand, Facebook cannot retrieve messages that have been deleted permanently, therefore if you want to be in a position to recover messages that you don’t want to see, don't delete them, instead archive them.

5. Having issues with nagging apps on Facebook?

Just scroll down on the Facebook page and click on 'settings and privacy', then on 'apps' and select the name of the app you want to remove, finally tap on remove 'app'.

6. Having issues with content from pages you don’t want to see?

To solve these, open the news feed preferences link at the bottom of your Facebook home page as mentioned earlier and unlike pages you don’t want to see.

7. Having a problem with bullying and harassment on Facebook?

Open the help center at the bottom of your Facebook page, scroll down to 'safety'. Once there, select 'how do I report bullying and harassment'. Fill out the form correctly and Facebook will act on the information you provided.

8. Nagging notifications in your newsfeed spoiling all the fun on your Facebook?

Simply open settings and privacy from the bottom of your Facebook page, select 'notifications', and once there you can manage the kind of notifications you should be getting.

9. Excessive data consumption on Facebook?

You can manage the amount of data that Facebook consumes on your browser or app. To do this, open settings and privacy, select general and edit the option marked data usage. Now select your most suitable preference, either less, normal or more.

10. Search bar won’t search? Or takes you back to homepage?

This can either be a problem with your internet connection or your browser. Check your connection, if it doesn’t work, reinstall the browser app or use a different browser.

11. Photos won’t load?

Check your connection and refresh the browser.

12. Facebook app crashing?

This can be as a result of low memory on your phone. To solve this, uninstall some apps in your phone including the Facebook app so as to free up memory. Later on, reinstall the Facebook app.

13. Receiving a lot of irritating Facebook chat IMs?

To solve this, install Facebook chat offline so that you can appear as if you are offline while browsing your Facebook through the app. If problem persists, report or block the person responsible.

14. Having problems with Facebook appearance on Google Chrome?

Open the settings icon at the top right corner of your chrome browser. Click options > personal stuff > browsing data and then check the 'empty cache check box', check other options you want to keep, and finally click 'clear browsing data'. Refresh your Facebook page.

15. Having refreshing issues with Facebook for Android app?

This is simple, try to update the app to the latest version and restart your Facebook experience once more.

16. Having problems with reinstalling Facebook for iPhone on your device after it crashed?

Reboot your phone and try installing it once more.

17. Your iPhone boots off every time you try to log in to Facebook through Facebook for iPhone?

Try booting your phone and retry the login again, if problem persists, log in to Facebook using you phone's browser.

18. Have you detected any bugs in your Facebook for Android app?

For example, some photos are written in Korean language, then uninstall the Facebook app, reboot your mobile device, and then reinstall Facebook again.

19. Language keeps on changing as I browse Facebook through my phone’s browser?

Scroll down your Facebook page and click the language you want to use. Never mind, everything is the same down there even if the Facebook page is currently written in a language you don’t understand.

20. Having privacy issues on Facebook?

Try looking for the specific solution at the settings and privacy option at the bottom of your Facebook page. To be on the safer side, do not post your sensitive information on Facebook. This includes phone numbers, age, email addresses, and location etc.

Part 2: Transfer Facebook data between Android

At times, you might want to upgrade to a better phone, or maybe you want to sell the phone that you are using currently. The most challenging issue that most users face when they are in such a position, is how they are going to transfer all their data that is in their old phones to the new phones, without leaving even a scrap of it.

The challenge even becomes more puzzling when it involves transferring data from third party apps like Facebook. However, with the new Wondershare MobileTrans - Phone Transfer, you can successfully transfer all your data from your old Android phone to another one, including your Facebook data.

Wondershare MobileTrans features

1. Has a backup via your PC option, where you can transfer your documents to your computer first, and back them up for future use.

2. iTunes backup and restore option

3. One click data transfer option between your Android, Symbian, Windows or iOS devices. You can transfer text messages, call logs, calendars, Facebook data, music, photos and apps between your devices.

4. Can retrieve data from cloud storage services like iCloud and restore it into your Android phone.

How to transfer Facebook data from one Android phone to another

To transfer Facebook data from one Android to another Android device;

1. Download Wondershare MobileTrans app from Wondershares’ official website and run the tool on your computer. On the startup page of the app, click phone to phone transfer.

facebook problems

2. Connect both the phones, the new phone and the old one to your PC via USB cables. Ensure that both phones are recognized by the Wondershare MobileTrans tool, and are appearing on your PC screen, once they are recognized.

facebook problems

3. Start the transfer by first checking the boxes with the data you want to transfer, in this case you want to transfer your Facebook data, so check the Facebook option from the list on the interface of MobileTrans, and click start. The Facebook data transfer starts immediately, together with any other data you have selected.

facebook problems

So, with that, you now know how to deal with the most common and troublesome issues with Facebook on your mobile devices. Not to forget, you also have the best data transfer tool in Wondershare MobileTrans to help you out with all data transfers between your devices.

Hope that you not only enjoyed reading this article, but also will try out the solutions listed here, including the Wondershare MobileTrans.

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