Android Running Slow? Check 7 Tips to Speed Up Android Easily

Feel crazy about Android getting slow to a crawl? Every time you open an app, you have to wait for seconds until it responds. The Transitions between screens take longer to redraw than they used to be. You don't have to put up with this any more. There're 5 useful tips to speed up your Android phone or tablet just like it's a new one.

1. Close or Delete Unwanted Apps

As you know, apps are saved in the internal storage which has only 1 GB or 2 GB space. It's far from enough to run smoothly when you like installing lots of apps, especially game apps. What's worse, some apps run in the background. As the time goes by, your Android phone runs slower and slower.

In that case, you can delete the unused or seldom used apps from your Android phone or tablet regularly. Besides, download and install some Android speed booster apps from Google Play, like Booster for Android – FREE, DU Speed Booster丨Cache Cleaner, etc. to close the apps running in the background. By doing this, you can speed up Android phone or tablet.

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2. Clean Caches and Junk Files

When you play a game apps, surf the internet, watch movies, etc. on your Android phone or tablet, it will create caches and junk files. These caches and junk files build up over time and take their toll, and then eat up the storage to slow your Android phone or tablet down.

Therefore, to speed up Android phone or tablet, it's necessary for you to clean caches and junk files every now and then. To clean app caches, you can go to Settings > Application manager. Tap the app you want to clean caches to show its app-detailed screen. Then, tap Clear data to clean caches. To clean more caches, you can download some professional Android Booster apps, like MobileGo, Clean Master, and more.

Note: Once you clean caches of apps, its progress, like game progress, will be gone. Thus, take it over before doing the caches cleaning.

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3. Factory Data Reset

Factory reset helps erase almost all data stored on your Android phone or tablet, and restore everything to its original manufacturer settings. Just go to Settings > Reset > Factory Data Reset. It takes one or two minutes. Then, your Android phone or tablet will be turn off and on automatically. Then, your Android phone will be speeded up.

Note: Backup your important Android data, including contacts, messages, apps, music, video, photos, and more, before the factory reset. Otherwise, you will lose anything.

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4. Get Software Updates

Manufactures sometimes push new software updates to their Android phones and tablets. These software updates usually fix bugs and enhance the services and software you're using. Therefore, if your Android phone or tablet received the software update messages, you don't need to hesitate but get software update right now. To check the software update, you can tap Settings > About device > Software update > Update > Confirm > OK.

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5. Root and Flash a ROM

Rooting gives you the power to remove more bloatwares, perform the system, flash a custom ROM, and install some Android booster apps which require root access. Besides, Android rooting enables to overclock the processer of your phone or tablet. This will ultimately speed up your Android phone or tablet, but it will also eat up more battery juice than before.

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6. Restart Your Android Phone or Tablet

A quick and simple way to speed up your Android phone or tablet is to restart it. This can close running apps and clear cache. Although it's a temporary way, it works.

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7. Upgrade to a New Phone or Tablet

Your Android phone or tablet is still slow even if you try all the tips above? Well, maybe it's time to upgrade to a new phone or tablet. A new phone or tablet, especially a one with newer version, usually runs fast.

To upgrade to a new phone or tablet, you might not want to leave data behind:
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