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You're new to the Android platform after recently ditching iOS, and you’re looking for software like iTunes to help manage your Android phone right? You have come to the right place. Here, I'd like to show you 3 great alternatives to iTunes that work with Android phones and tablets.

Wondeshare MobileGo or Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac) is a powerful all-in-one Android iTunes alternative software. With it, you can easily import music and playlists from your iTunes library and computer to Android phones and tablets easily. Besides, it lets you transfer apps, contacts, photos and videos to and from Android phones and tablets. Here, I list out the salient features to get you deeply understood.

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1. Wondershare MobileGo -- The Best iTunes Alternative

  • Back up and restore Android phones and tablets and tablet in 1 click.
  • Organize the Android app, such as install, uninstall and export apps in batch, and move apps to an SD card.
  • Transfer contacts to and from Android phones/tablets, and merge the duplicates.
  • Save all or selected text messages as TXT/XML file for keeping memory.
  • Manage document files in SD card and phone memory. (only Windows does)
  • Transfer apps, contacts, messages, media and more between Android, iOS and Symbian. (only Windows does)
  • Recover deleted messages, photos, contacts, audio, videos, app and more from your Android device. (only Windows does)

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itunes alternative android

2. DoubleTwist -- The Second iTunes alternative for Android

DoubleTwist is another iTunes equivalent for Android software that makes it easy for you to transfer music, videos and photos to your Android phone via WiFi or a USB cable. It works in a very simple way, meaning you can totally handle it on your own.

However, that's all it can do and nothing is more. In other words, it fails to manage music, videos and photos, such as deleting them or converting audio and video. Worse still, it doesn't support Android 4.3 and up. Thus, if you have a brand-new Android device, like Google Nexus 5, you can't rely on this software.

3. Samsung kies -- The Third iTunes alternative for Android

Samsung kies created by Samsung, is a Samsung equivalent of iTunes. With its help, you can transfer and sync contacts, music, photos, videos and podcasts to and from your Samsung phone. It also allows you to transfer iTunes music to your Samsung device. However, If you're worried about data loss, you can use it to back up memos, S planner, call logs, messages, contacts, email accounts, videos, preferences and photos to your computer. In addition, if you just ditch your iPhone or BlackBerry phone and jump ship to a Samsung phones, you can use the Back up files of iPhone and BlackBerry phone to restore data to your Samsung phone.

Note: It's only available for Samsung phones and tablets. Besides, it fails to manage apps, messages and document files. Furthermore, it doesn't transfer smart playlists from iTunes

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TunesGo frees your music, doing what iTunes can’t.

TunesGo (Win) - iOS Devices

TunesGo (Win) - iOS Devices

(iOS Transfer)

Copy music, playlists, videos from iPod, iPhone & iPad to iTunes Library, and to your PC for backup.
Fully compatible with iTunes 12.1, iOS 9, and support iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus New icon

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