How to Fix the Soft Bricked Android Phone

Rooting your Android device or flashing a custom ROM helps you gain the highest privilege or experience different features, which are the most remarkable advantages for Android users. But bad things always happen, your Android device would act abnormal after rooted or flashed a new ROM. So what can we do to save our soft bricked phones? Don't be panic, we have the rescue for you.
Note: Before decide to root your Android device, you need to learn both the advantages and risks for Android rooting.

fix the soft bricked android phone

Before we discuss the solutions in details, we need to make the word "bricked" straight. A bricked phone means your phone won't turn on in any way, and there is nothing can do to fix it. So when most people say "bricked", it doesn't mean their devices become a real brick, it's kind of soft bricked which can be fixed. Your Android phone stucks on the boot loop doesn't mean it is bricked, nor is a phone boots straight into recovery or bootloader. These are the situations that can be solved.

Stucking at the Boot Loop: Wipe Your Data & Cache

If your Android phone stuck at the boot loop and can't boot into the home screen after flashed a new ROM, it's probably you forget to wipe the data and cache which might cause such error. Your phone tries to get into the home screen but actually the leftover data or cache stopped it, so it will reboot over and over again. So wiping the data and cache in the recovery mode could probably solve your problem. To wipe the data and cache:

  1. Shut off your Android phone and boot into recovery mode. Normally you could press the Volume Down and Power to do that, but it's different for every phone, try to Google how to do it with your specific phone.
  2. If you are using ClockworkMod Recovery, navigate the menu with the volume button and select it with the Power button. Scroll down to Advanced, and choose "Wipe Dalvik Cache", and then go back to the main screen and choose "Wipe Cache Partition" after that. Lastly, head to "Wipe Data/Factory Reset". Please note that all of your apps and settings would be deleted.
  3. Reboot your Android phone.

Booting Straight into Recovery Mode: Flash a New ROM

Generally speaking, if your Android device boots straight into recovery mode, you best try is to flash a new ROM. While please note some ROMs would boot straight into recovery mode after flashed it, so try to reboot your phone once from the recovery mode. If it didn't help, reflash the ROM. Check here to learn how to flash a ROM.

Booting Straight into Bootloader: Back to Stock

If you have this problem and can not be fixed by flash a new ROM, the most reliable solution is back to stock. Download the stock ROM from your manufacturer and flash it to your device. We can not go deep because most of the manufacturers have their own flashing tools, now Google is your best friend, search and learn how to flash the stock ROM for your specific device.
Note: Flashing the stock ROM will unroot your device and lose all your apps and settings, backup your data before doing that.

If you problem still can not be solved after tried everything above, there is likely your SD card got corrupted. Take out your SD card and put it in your SD card reader, then format it on your computer. If you Android device is actually bricked, there is nothing you can do to bring it back, please head to the store and ask for some technical help.

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