Top 6 Android Custom ROMs: Experience More and Better on Your Android Device

If you are tired of playing the stock ROM your Android device came with, and eager to experience something different or even make custom settings, then it's a good time to take a venture and know more about the Android custom ROMs. The custom Android ROMs can give you more freedom and offer you updates such as Android 5.0 for the old devices which won't receive the OTA (Over the Air) from the manufactures.
Note: Learn the general glossary of Android terms in advance to avoid the problems when flash a custom Android ROM.

best Android custom ROMs

We did a few researches about some Android custom ROMs and would like to share the main features of them with you, and hope it could help you choose your needed Android custom ROMs.

1. CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod is actually one of the most popular Android custom ROMs around the world, it offers tons of great features such as support for OpenVPN, support for downloadable themes and more privacy tools. It is the very custom ROM supports most devices and has 12 million active installs on a multitude of devices according to the statistics on June 2014.
Note: Check the supported devices for CyanogenMod here.


MIUI is an Android custom ROM developed by the Xiaomi Tech in China but localized for a lot of countries and languages with the help of fans. It is one of the most customized, elegant and fast ROMs, and offers strong theme support, beautiful stock apps, customizable lockscreens and complete root access.
Note: Check the supported devices for MIUI here.

3. Paranoid

Paranoid Android is a custom ROM aiming to extend the system, working on enhancing the already existing beauty of Android and follow the rules designed by Google. It makes the Google stock ROM more beautiful, but you need to experience it yourself to find out its beauty.
Note: Check the supported official and legacy devices for Paranoid here and here.

4. AOKP (Android Open Kang Project)

The Android Open Kang Project ROM is quite a newcomer compared to many long existed ROMs like CyangenMod, and many people mistakenly considered it to be CyangenMod on their first sight, but actually it earned high marks on add-ons and tools such as custom toggles, LED controls and navigation ring which CyangenMod didn't have. It is fast, stable and runs on 3.5 million devices according to the statistics on Sept 2013.
Note: Check the supported devices for AOKP here.

5. Slim ICS

The name of Slim ROM already tells you what the most important feature it possesses. It is a super thin and lightweight installation which focuses on trimming the unnecessary features and gives you a clean and fast environment. But it only supports a few Samsung devices because there is only one developer behind it.
Note: Check the supported devices for Slim ICS here.

6. Liquid Smooth

Liquid Smooth is one of the fastest custom ICS ROMs which is even faster than the stock install on the Samsung Nexus. It is small but nice, leaves more space for your apps and even has theme support so you can customize it. If smooth operation is all you need and your device is also supported, you may have a try.
Note: Check the supported devices for Liquid Smooth in the official forum.

Just like Shakespeare said, there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes, so what you think? Please share your idea about your favorite Android custom ROMs.