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Top 5 Android Task Manager: Kill Tasks and Speed Up Android

Typically a task in Android or any other operating system is simply a process either started with the phone automatically or by an application when you choose to launch it. The tasks are in fact silently running in the background every second in your smart phone. For example, if you want to open a game, it involves a task. These tasks take place in the phone memory, which is why sometimes your phone hangs up when you try to open many applications at the same time. The simple reason is that your phone memory is filled with tasks and can't do anything until some of them are finished. This is actually annoying and a time consuming problem, however the good news is that many applications called task manager, task killer or process manager, is out there in the market and they can effectively kill any unnecessary tasks that run in the background.


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Part 1: How to Distinguish Android Task Manager App and Android To-do List Manager App

Typically, any Android user who wants to install a new application in his smart phone will go to the Google Play store and start searching by entering the name into the search bar. So when it comes to searching for applications dedicated to killing and managing tasks, we type in “task manager”. This will show us results that are mix of both task managing applications and to-do task managing applications.

These two types of applications are completely different and one must not get confused between them. To help you in this case, let`s briefly address some of the differences here, check them out

Android task manager Android to-do task manager
1. Tasks of operation system, Android, iOS and etc. 1. A schedule of what to do for people
2. No alerts 2. Alerts
3. Mainly used for stopping applications 3. Mainly used for reminding
4. Simple and secure to use
5. No interference
6. Robust

Task manager: A task manager application is something similar to the task manager in our computers, which opens up when we combine press Ctrl+Alt+Del on the keyboard. The task manager will let you manually kill some tasks or processes that are running in the background which you don't want or may cause any troubles. With Android task manager we can also manually force stop some applications like the ones that are pre-installed on the Android smart phones.

To-do task manager application is the one that helps you manage your life tasks like attending meetings, receiving/making certain calls to certain people or simply reminding you to drink water. These applications can alert you by alarm sounds and show up any message you pre-entered to remind you to do a certain task. The tasks you entered into a to-do task manager can be anything and everything you want. In simple words, to-do task manager lets you organize your life properly to stay focused and organized.

task manager androidandroid task manager

Part 2: Best Android Task Manager Apps

Now it is time to bring you the best android process manager apps that are available in the market for you to check out. Some of these applications are free and some are paid:

Apps Android Version Scores Price
Advanced Task Manager-Killer Varies with device 4.6/5 Free
Watch Dog Task Manager 1.5 & up 4.6/5 $3.49
Task Manager Pro 4.0 & up 4.4/5 Free
Go Cleaner and Task Manager 2.0 & up 4.4/5 Free
Android Task Manager Pro 2.0 & up 4.4/5 $4.70

1 Advanced task manager-killer

Advanced task manager-killer is a very popular task manager app in the play store.


  • Manually kills selected tasks
  • Kills both apps and games
  • Startup killing process
  • Memory cleaner included
  • Disadvantages:

  • Minor bugs and errors for some phones
  • Troubles with auto kill widget
  • Download Advanced task manager-killer from Google Play Store>>

    best task manager for android

    2 Watch Dog Task Manager

    Watch Dog Task Manager is also the top best application in the task manager category in the play store. It is efficient and works in a different way. For those who are worried that they are destroying their phone with the task manager apps should opt for this application. The app will alert you only when an app is starting to eat your CPU cycles in the background.


  • Kills only the apps that eats the CPU cycles
  • Saves battery power
  • Alerts you when an app starts causing problems
  • Does not kill everything randomly
  • Disadvantages:

  • A bug in the update that crashes the app (solution provided on the app page)
  • Extra features only in the paid version
  • Download Watch Dog Task Manager from Google Play Store>>

    task manager for android

    3Task Manager Pro

    With Android task manager pro you can monitor and kill the apps and processes you want in your phone and save memory as well as battery power.


  • Frees memory effectively
  • Rich notifications and bulk selections
  • Search bar included
  • Disadvantages:

  • Many bugs to be fixed
  • Crashes in some phones
  • Very basic features
  • best android task manager

    4Go Cleaner and Task Manager:

    It is a must have a task manager application that comes with many additional features like cleaning cache, system memory and one click options. There is also a pro version available in which additional features are made available.


  • Kills the tasks with one click
  • Deletes browsing history, app data, search records, call logs
  • Cleans cache and APK rubbish
  • Disadvantages:

  • Slows down some phones
  • Takes lots of memory
  • Minor bugs in some models
  • Download JuiceDefender from Google Play Store>>

    best task manager android

    5 Android Task Manager Pro:

    Android Task Manager Pro is another task manager application in the store that will let you kill unnecessary tasks and free your phone memory.


  • Gives you the List of services and applications with details
  • Multi selection and command support
  • One touch, start up and shake end task
  • Widgets, application manager and settings
  • Disadvantages:

  • Just minor bugs and issues which can be fixed in updates
  • Download Battery Doctor from Google Play Store>>

    advanced task manager android

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