Top 3 Android Notification Manager: Shut Off Annoying Notifications Effortlessly

Receiving notifications on the status bar is an extremely common feature of all operating system that inconspicuously. It makes you aware about the latest activity or an event that requires you to take an immediate action. There are four ways to notify you:

  • Flashlights
  • Play a sound
  • Status Bar Notification
  • Vibrate

Part 1: Top 3 Android Notifications Manager Apps to Manage Notifications in Batches

If you have many apps to shut off notifications, then it is miserable to turn off them one after one. With the help of such apps, you can easily configure the vibrations, LED color, number of repetitions, ringtone and even the interval that occurs between each notification. Also, if the monitored app removes the notification, they are automatically stopped. The best android notification manager app list comprises of the following:

Apps Scores Price
Recurrent notification manager 3.1/5 Free
notification manager Lite 3.5/5 Free
Notifications Off 4.3/5 Free

1 Recurrent notification manager

The size of the app isn't too large with the size of 970 KB. The free version of this app is extremely popular with 10,000 - 50,000 installations till date. The current version 1.8.27 is extremely responsive as this application gives the freedom of configuring recurrent notifications for every app installed on the device with the typical Android notification subsystem. This notification manger for Android lets you change and assign the different ringtone, LED color, vibration and interval of time between every notification from a single application. This app is compatible with Pebble Watch and also allows you to remove the ads.

manage notifications android

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install Recurrent notification manager to android

install Recurrent notification manager for android

2 notification manager Lite

This app is the pioneer in the class of Android notification managers. With the help of this app, you can be entirely carefree even when you forgot to turn your device on the silent mode. With this app, you can manage the sound and alerts of different applications as per your convenience. And just as I mentioned, all the details about segregating your apps according to the importance, this app shall notify you exactly according to your preferences. You can easily monitor the calendar of your device and be sure about the events that are about to take place in the near future. Besides, you can easily adjust the volume of the notifications and alerts. In fact, you can create additional volume profiles according to your time schedule.

Download notification manager Lite from Google Play Store>>

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3 Notifications Off

With Notifications Off, you can add multiple profiles and choose one of them to block notifications with one click. It also automatically disables notifications when apps are installed. Finding the app is also easy with searching the name in the search bar. The app has three modes, default, work and night. If you choose to work at night, the notifications will automatically turn off or with vibration. Although some people reported that it would stop working if you change ROMs, this app is simple and quick to use.

Download Notifications Off from Google Play Store>>

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Part 2: How to Shut Off Notifications without Any Tool

However, many times these notifications may seem a little too irritating. It gets extremely annoying when you know that the notifications you receive aren't even useful. You can shut them off completely on your Android device. Here's how you do it.

Step 1: Separate and Segregate the Apps Based on Their Importance

Once we start guiding you with the settings, you must take a look at the apps that you have downloaded to your device and pick out the ones that you really need to be aware about at all times. In order to make it easier, you can split them up in three categories:

Very important: You want to receive notifications from these apps at all costs. These must include vibrations, badges, sounds and everything else as well. Short messaging service along with the instant messengers, work email, calendar and to-do-list apps generally go into this category.

Less important: This list comprises of those apps that you occasionally use but don't want to be disturbed by the notifications every now and then. These apps generally include the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Internet Messengers.

Useless: This category would be the ones for which you want the notifications to be turned off entirely. They consist of games and rarely used apps.

Step 2: Shut Off the Notifications of Each Category According to the Importance

All the Android apps have the option to manage their notification settings individually. Hence, in order to adjust the notification settings for a particular app, you need to change the notification settings according to the categories you have established.

Very important: The notifications are supposed to be ON for everything in this category because you want them to be visible in your status bar, make a sound and vibrate so that you stay on top of it at every instance. Take Short Messages as an example. Open Short Messages-Settings-Notifications.

android notification manager

Less important: For the apps under this category, you want to turn the notifications on but keep them from vibrating.

android notification manager app

Useless: For the apps here, take the full liberty to turn off the notifications entirely. Like what you do with the very important, just turn off the notifications.

best android notification manager

Part 3: Download and Manage Notification for Android Apps in One Place

If you just want to download any Android notification management apps, you can click the corresponding download link in the part 2. To do more than that, you can turn to Wondershare MobileGo for Android (Windows version). It gives you the power to download, install, uninstall, backup, view and share the notification apps conveniently and easily. For Mac users, please try Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac). It also lets you manage notification apps, including installing, uninstalling, exporting and viewing.

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