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Android Expense Manager for Keeping Track of Your Money

If you have got a lot of bills to pay and you cannot keep track of every single financial transaction, it is always far better to trust some tools that will work true wonders for you and help you sort things out in no time. Android expense manager Apps are able to offer you the chance to better handle your finances, since they will keep track of your income and your expenses to the slightest detail.


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Part 1: Best 5 Android Expense Manager Apps

Apps Scores Price
Ledgerist 4.4/5 Paid
Depoza-Expense Tracker 4.4/5 Free
Financius-Expense Manager 4.4/5 Free
Expense Manager 4.3/5 Free
Budget 4.1/5 Free

1 Ledgerist

Start off with the top expense manager app for Android, Ledgerist. This pretty neat app has captured the public attention right from the first day of its launch. It is simple and straightforward in its use and still offers you a plethora of cool features that a plain ledger could never do.

Among the most impressive features that we have come across in Ledgerist, there is definitely the option of repeated transactions for minimizing your effort in handwritten tasks. In addition, it is completely free of ads. And you can have your pick from various different currencies and this is certainly something worth considering, especially if your work dictates that. You can also create your own passcode and thus enhance the overall security of the app. Finally, you are able to backup and restore in case of any discomforting events over time. Nevertheless, it is not a free app and you have to purchase it at €1.59.

expense manager android

2Depoza-Expense Tracker

The second top Android expense manager app is Depoza-Expense Tracker. When it comes to personal expenses, there is nothing as handy and enlightening as Depoza to make use of. You can write down everything, so as not to forget and not to overlook any expense.

No matter how petty an amount has been, it can be calculated and thus added to your overall balance for the day, the week or the month. One of the best features of Depoza is the fact that your information can be exported to Dropbox and this can offer you superb flexibility in your storage and accessibility of data. Additionally, the payments and financial transactions are divided into neat and practical categories. Like Ledgerist, there is no ad in Depoza, with the bonus that it is offered to all Android users for free.

Another promising advantage is that you can get the updates of your payments to debit and credit cards (currently Raiffeisenbank, Sperbank, Citibank and growing) via SMS to the app. The only drawback is that it does not include any password option and of course the interface could be somehow improved.

Download Depoza-Expense Tracker from Google Play Store>>

android expense manager

3 Financius-Expense Manager

Next on the list with top expense manager for Android users is Financius-Expense Manager. This is another example of a free app that does not include any ad. You can benefit from multiple currencies and the superb ability to handle multiple accounts at the same time with different transactions and balances. You can start with the default categories or create your own categories.

Another special feature of Financius is that there will be a general report after specific time frames and you can personalize these periods of time. There is a Google Drive back up and this is yet another spectacular bonus for the Android users. In addition, some further notifications on payment alerts should be more than welcome.

Download Financius-Expense Manager from Google Play Store>>

expense manager for android

4Expense Manager

Expense Manager is another top Android expense manager app for all users. This free app has no ad as well. You have got utter freedom, since you can categorize your expenses daily, weekly or monthly. The app has a solution to backup and restore your data whenever it is necessary.

If you are on a budget or you simply need to limit your expenses for some reason, you can do that pretty easily with the use of Expense Manager. However, if you are looking for more sophisticated features, perhaps you should look somewhere else. There is no option of recurring transactions that can facilitate the path for you to cross during the input of your expenses. No calculator is available for the users, either.

Download Expense Manager from Google Play Store>>

expense manager app android

5 Budget

The last top expense manager app for Android is Budget. This is another free app you can find on Google Play App Store. A good feature that you can get out of Budget is the use of repeated transactions. This can save you from a great deal of time and effort in the long run, while you do not need to worry about forgetting to calculate any of your expenses. With Budget, you can manage more than one account. Moreover, you get both the import and export data in a .csv file. Still, as disadvantages we have to point out the lack of subcategories in the expenses and the need to set your own password.

Download Budget from Google Play Store>>

best expense manager app android

Part 2: Wondershare MobileGo for Android to Manage Android Expense Manager Apps

It will make the app installation process more complicated if you download the Android expense manager app on the computer. You can install and open Wondershare MobileGo for Android on the computer and install Expense manager for Android apps from Google Play App Store directly.

best expense manager app for android

3,636,789 people have downloaded it

Download, Install, Uninstall, Export Android Expense Manager Apps

Step 1. Installed Wondershare MobileGo for Android on the computer.

Step 2. Connect your Android devices with a USB cable or WiFi to your computer.

Step 3. Open Wondershare MobileGo for Android and choose Google Play

Step 4. Search Depoza-Expense Tracker, Budget, and any other Android expense manager apps and click Install to directly install them on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 5. In the left column of Wondershare MobileGo for Android, click Apps to brinig up the app management window on the right. Then, you can manage the Android expsense manager apps by clicking Install, Uninstall, Export, Move to SD card, etc.

top android expense manager

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