Top 7 Android Data Manager to Keep Track of Data Usage

Over 11.5 million users have downloaded MobileGo Android Data Manager, which could help you take control of all your Android data, including music, videos, apps, contacts, .etc. Simply download and have a try.


Desktop Android Data Manager - One Stop Solution to Manage Your Mobile Lifestyle

  • One click to download, manage, import & export, transfer your music, photos and videos.
  • De-duplicate contacts, switch devices, manage your app collection, backup & restore and send messages from your desktop.
  • Mirror your android device to send messages, and play Android games on your computer.
  • Transfer Files among your mobile devices without limitation.
  • Optimze your device on the go with the MobileGo app.

Manage Android music, video, ringtone, photos and other media files.

android audio manager

Manage Android photos, camera roll and albums.

android photos manager

Manage Android apps.

android apps manager

My Data Manager

android data manager

Brief info:

  • Size: 1 564 KB
  • Link:
  • Price: free
  • Supported Android OS: 4.0 and higher
  • Score: 5/5

Main screen

From the first look you can see that this is really professionally made application. Main screen of the app is divided in groups to provide user more information about current data usage state. On the top you can see a bar, which allows you to select between different data usage sources. There are such options as Mobile, Roaming, WI-FI and All. For example, if you choose WI-FI tab you will see all amount of data which was sent or received via WI-FI connection.

Below the bar My Data Graph I situated. It represents graphically all day / week / month usage of data in specified category. Time frame you can set in options or click on the button near the logo. Also My Data Manager provides you with list of apps that consume data in every category. You can manage displaying of the list by choosing Time or Data option. You can see if you stick to your plan or not using "Current plan usage box". Here you can see you data usage plan, the limit and how many data you allowed to use in future.

By clicking on the menu item you will see two options "Send us feedback" and "Settings".

Settings panel

Settings panel consists of four tabs: "General Settings", "Data Plan Settings", "Backup and Restore", "About". In general settings you can power on or power off such options: persistent notifications, showing icon in the status bar, reporter (anonymously report usage statistics to the developers), displaying message with option to enable data each time app is opened then the data is disabled.

To set a new data usage plan or to manage existing one you should click on "Data Plan Settings" tab. After that you will see a data plan options for every category: Mobile, Roaming, or WI-FI data plan. Here you can set plan type (set amount of allowed data to consume, time and type of plan) and alerts. My Data Manager can show alert every time when you reached a specified line of data consumption or a daily alert.

To restore or backup you existing data usage plan you can use "Backup and Restore" tab.

If you have some questions or you want to know some basic information about the program choosing "About" tab is a right way.

User Overview

As for me this program is useful for every type of user. No matter the user is your granny or cool Android developer, everybody will find something attractive in it. For me user interface is made well and you get maximum of information from the screen. Also settings panel is quite comfortable and easy to understand, so I give to this program the highest mark possible.


android database manager android data manager

Top 5 Alternative Apps to Manage Data

Except "My Data Manager" there are a lot of similar programs, which can help you to manage your data usage. Below I posted a short list of them and their strong sides.

Name Size Price Download link Score
Data Usage 508 KB free 4/5
Data ON-OFF 238 KB free 3/5
Data counter widget 281 KB free 4/5
Onavo Count | Data Usage 1 925 KB free 4/5
Onavo Extend | Data Savings 1 495 KB free 4/5

Data Usage

Cool app for people who like minimalism in everything in their life. Graphical user interface poorer then in "My Data Manager", but can satisfy you with its functions. "Data Usage" has two data use plans: cellular and WI-FI. For every plan you can specify maximum amount of data and the period of time for it or set to unlimited. Every plan has its own window where you can see consumed data today and this week, ideal usage for current data usage plan and usage status. Also "Data Usage" includes creative alert mechanism. You have three alerts and you ought to set when it should appear. By default values are 50%, 75%, 90% of data limit. In addition there are such options: turn off WI-FI when limit is reached, on launch show, progress bar color options, and data display unit. Another feature is a history option. Here you can find a graph of data used and list of data consumed per day.

android database manager


It is mostly widget, but not the app. The main advantage is a short animated tutorial on start-up. It tells you how to enable the widget. Also user can see other tabs: "Settings", "Style" and "History". Settings tab has a poor set of functions – enable notifications (if another application changes data usage configuration Data ON-OFF sends a notification) and battery settings (when auto-disable data). In "Style" tab you can choose the style of the icon from three built-in styles. The last shows list of performed operations.

Purpose of the application is very simple. It allows user to switch on / switch off 3G / 4G connection in one click on the widget icon.

android data manager

Data counter widget

Another widget with short FAQ on the application start-up. Widget icon provides user with information about the amount of used data. As for me it is quite useful. By clicking on the widget icon a new option menu is shown. Here you can go "Statistics tab", which provides you with statistics of data send / received for such periods: month, week, day and total. Also you can configure appearance of the widget (set foreground color, background color, style, time span, refresh rate and etc.), some global settings and propositions to donate using PayPal or to buy "Data counter widget Pro". The main pro is its conciseness, but unfortunately functionality and graphical user interface are not on the top.

android database manager

Onavo Count | Data Usage

An application is used to track mobile data usage. Graphical user interface is awesome but it lacks functionality. In other words application does only necessary work. On the top of the main screen we can see a progress bar, which describes amount of data is used. Like in every app you can specify the time frame. By default it is set to daily. Also you can go to "App watch" tab to watch current data consuming apps. Another option is get a Data plan Advice or see the Usage profile. If you want to share results you can do it via "Share option".

android data manager

Onavo Extend | Data Savings

Cool app with strong diagram support for every statistic part. You can see variety of diagrams for every time you specified in the settings. In addition you can set such options in the settings: manage cache clean up, set image quality, rate app on Google Play, read FAQ, view help and contact with support. App has share mechanism to share results via social networks.

Main function of the app is to reduce your roaming traffic. Onavo Extend caches all your roaming data and stores it on Onavo servers, so you don't need to load the same images, banners, advertisements then you visit a webpage, which you visited before. Also it gives some optimization to 3G and 4G connection while you sending images and controls you roaming data to stick the data usage plan.

android database manager

Use MobileGo to manage the Android data apps

Another cool app to manage your data resources is MobileGo. The main aim of the app is to speed up performance of your mobile phone. App works with user programs, system programs and provides maximum usability while playing games.

android data manager
  • Recovering data resources by closing unnecessary applications.
  1. To do that sort of things you should click on "Click for details" button to see all apps, that can be closed without harming your system.
  2. android database manager
  3. After that choose app, you want to close or click on "Close All" button. If do so, app will close all apps which is possible to close. You will see the screen below.
  4. android data manager
  5. Alternative way is to click on the "Bust" button at the bottom of the screen and app will close and optimize all apps possible.
  • Game optimization

MobileGo also optimizes all games you have on your smart phone. To make this operation you just need to click on "Select games to boost" option (marked red on the screenshot below) and choose game from the list. In my example it is a "Hill climb" game. Also you can add them manually. After performing that click "Boost" button as always to boost you game experience on the smartphone.

android database manager android data manager
  • Boosting you camera, Internet connection and media

If you want to boost your camera, Internet connection or media, MobileGo will do it for you in a few simple steps. First of all you need to choose a menu button, which is situated at the right from "Select games to boost" option. After clicking on the menu button, MobileGo let you choose type of optimization.

android database manager

In my example I will click on "Media Boost" option. After that action application scans for all applications, which are dealing with media on your phone. If it can`t find any of them automatically it asks user to add them manually. The next step is similar to others – choose app to boost or boost all by clicking "Boost all" button.


Except that you can set MobileGo as you want. Settings panel allows you to manage showing performance indicators, reminders, update the application and read "About" tab to find answers on your question. If you like the app, just click on "Rate us" button to give a mark to this wonderful application. As conclusion, I recommend this application for everyone.

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