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Top 5 Android Bluetooth Manager: Everything about Bluetooth on Android Device

The name Bluetooth originates from Scandinavian technology. It was named after Danish King Harald Bluetooth. Today in our day to day life, we are surrounded by different multimedia devices like smartphones, PDA's, laptops, iPods, video game systems and other portable devices. All or most of them have Bluetooth technology embedded in them.

Part 1: What Exactly Is Bluetooth

android bluetooth manager

Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to transfer data between different portable and non-portable electronic and multimedia devices. With the help of this technology we can send and receive files securely and quickly. The distance of data transmission in Bluetooth is small, typically up to30 feet or 10 meters, in comparison to other modes of wireless communication. However, this technology eradicates the use of cords, cables, adapters and any other guided media and permits the electronic devices to communicate wirelessly among each other.

Part 2: Top 5 Android Bluetooth manager to Make the Bluetooth Connection Faster

Name Price Reviews
Bluetooth Auto Connect Free 4/5
BToolkit: bluetooth manager Free 4/5
Auto Bluetooth Free 4/5
bluetooth manager ICS Paid 2.7/5
Bluetooth On Call Free 4.2/5

1 Bluetooth Auto Connect

This is one of the very few Android Bluetooth managers that actually work properly. It automatically connects to your Android device when Bluetooth turns on or when your Android device screen goes on. Initially you will have to connect your Android device manually for the first time and from then onwards it will automatically recognize your Android device. You can connect several Bluetooth devices at one time by giving priority to the devices. But sometimes it just cannot detect your Android device or auto Bluetooth of feature doesn't work on some mobiles.

android bluetooth manager apk

Download Bluetooth Auto Connect to PC >>
You just download the Bluetooth Auto Connect APK to computer. Use the MobileGo Android APK Installer to help you install Bluetooth Auto Connect to your Android phone.


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install Bluetooth Auto Connect to android

install Bluetooth Auto Connect for android

2Btoolkit bluetooth manager

Btoolkit bluetooth manager automatically scans the Android devices and attaches one Android device with one of your contacts so you can easily access them. You can sort, filter the list of Android devices and even share favorite pictures or music with your contacts. However, it has some issues with Android version 4.1+ as it cannot pair with PIN less devices.

Download Btoolkit bluetooth manager from Google Play Store>>

bluetooth management for android

3 Auto Bluetooth

This Android bluetooth manager automatically connects to your selected device upon receiving a call and as soon as the call ends. It disables Bluetooth again to save power. This app is useful if you are driving a car because you can take incoming calls without stopping. It also improves your battery life tremendously.

Download Auto Bluetooth from Google Play Store>>

how to manage bluetooth

4 bluetooth manager ICS

If you are a music lover, this Bluetooth manager for Android is developed for you. It is a simple tool to manage your remote Android devices and play music on your wireless headset or wireless speakers. Just connect the Android device via bluetooth manager ICS and enable/ disable the audio feature checkbox. However, there are two negative points: firstly, it doesn't stream audio properly and there is a lag sometimes; secondly, you have to pay for this app.

Download bluetooth manager ICS from Google Play Store>>

top 5 android bluetooth manager

5Bluetooth on Call

This Bluetooth on Call app automatically turns on Bluetooth when you are on a phone call. And later when you end the call it turns to power saver mode. When you are trying to use the voice dialled calls, it doesn't turn the Bluetooth on. Also, it doesn't turn off Bluetooth after your device is completely charged.

Download Bluetooth on Call from Google Play Store>>

manage your android bluetooth

Part 3: Advantages and Disadvantages of Bluetooth Technology

Advantages Disadvantages
1. Do not require a clear line of sight between the synced devices 1. Speed of transfer (up to 1mbps) is slow in comparison to other wireless technology. (up to 4 mbps)
2. Require no cables and wires 2. Less secure than other wireless technology
3. Require low power 3. Not compatible with all multimedia devices
4. Simple and secure to use
5. No interference
6. Robust

Part 4: How to Pair & Connect an Android Mobile via Bluetooth?

Android has finally joined Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry in the Bluetooth Smart Ready revolution. It means that Android-powered devices like tablets, smartphones are now Bluetooth Smart Ready devices running the latest OS and will be compatible with any Bluetooth enabled product like keyboards or headphones.

Step 1 - Go to Settings, then Wireless & Networks, then Bluetooth Settings.

android bluetooth manager for you

Step 2 - Switch on your Bluetooth and make sure your device is visible to all other devices.

bluetooth manager for android

Step 3 - Search for the device to pair to.

bluetooth management android

Step 4 - Tap the name of the device you want to connect to from the available devices list and enter the passkey (or just match in most of the cases) and click Pair.

android bluetooth management

Step 5 - You will see the device paired in the paired devices list.

how to manage android bluetooth

Part 5: What You Can Do with Bluetooth in Android Devices

With the help of Bluetooth in our Android devices we can:

1) Send and receive data from other Bluetooth enabled devices.

2) Play music and make calls on our wireless Bluetooth enabled headset.

3) Connect all our peripheral devices like computer, printer, scanner etc

4) Synchronize the data between various multimedia devices like tablets, PC etc

Part 6: Five Common Problems with Android Bluetooth and Their Solutions

Q1. I cannot pair my Android Bluetooth with other devices. It gets failed every time. What should I do?


  • Power the devices off and back on. A soft reset sometimes can resolve an issue. An easy way to do this is by going into and out of airplane mode.
  • Delete the device from the phone list and try to rediscover it again. You can do this by tapping on the device's name, then Unpair.
  • Download suitable driver for your PC if you are experiencing the same problem between your phone and PC.
  • Make sure the two devices are in close vicinity of one another.

Q2. I cannot transfer files from my device to another. What should I do?

1) : Clear out all data and cache related to any Bluetooth app.

Step 1. Go to Settings

Step 2. Select Apps option.

Step 3. Select All tab

Step 4. Now find and tap on Bluetooth app.

Step 5. Select clear data, clear cache and force close respectively.

2) : Select clear data, clear cache and force close respectively.

To reset, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to Settings.

Step 2. Select backup and reset option.

Step 3. Now tap on reset factory data at the bottom.

Step 4. After a few minutes later your phone will restart and reset.

Q3. I cannot connect my phone's Bluetooth with the car. What should I do?


  • Remove all your Bluetooth profiles from phone as well as from the car.
  • Power the devices off and back on. A soft reset sometimes can resolve an issue. An easy way to do this is by going into and out of airplane mode.
  • Make sure your phone is visible to all the devices in order to be discovered by your car.

Q4. I tried connecting my Bluetooth headset or external speakers to my phone, but I cannot hear any sound. What should I do?


  • Restart your mobile phone with a headset or external speakers connected.
  • Reset your mobile phone: Follow the above steps on how to reset your phone.
  • Remove SD card and reinsert it. This helps sometimes because your SD card may be interfering.
  • If you have sandisk sd card replace it with another brand: SanDisk brand SD cards have some problems with Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. So if you are using the sandisk memory card, replace it with a different brand memory card and it should fix the problem.

Q5. My Bluetooth is not working after upgrading my Android phone. What should I do?


  • Try unpairing and repairing the device you want to connect to.
  • Use OTA (Over the air) update and reset your phone later. Bugs like this are usually fixed by this method.

Part 7: How to Manage Android bluetooth manager Apps with Wondershare MobileGo for Android

An one-shop tool to manage Android bluetooth manager apps effortlessly.

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Install/Uninstall/Export/Share bluetooth manager for Android Apps

Download and Install Wondershare MobileGo for Android on your computer. Launch it and you will be taken to the primary page of this software.

Click Apps and you will land on the app page where you can see all the apps available installed on your device. Now here you can install a new app, uninstall any previously installed app or export/move/share your app.

android bluetooth manager for you

Part 8: Watch Video about Wondershare MobileGo for Android

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