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Top 5 Android Battery Manager: Enjoy with More Battery Power on Your Phone

Android smart phones are everywhere and have been so popular because of more reasonable prices, tons of features and apps. These features and apps rush us to search for ways to keep batteries last longer. Let's see some of the best known methods to keep our Android smart phone battery go longer and longer.


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Part 1: How to Charge the Battery of Your Phone Quicker

To make the battery last longer, you have to charge it to full. Charging our phones has become like A, B, C, just find an electric socket and plug in the charger. But as we all know, it will take up to 2 hours to get fully charged, and we are usually in a hurry. Well, there are many tips to make the charging quickly and efficiently.

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1. Turning on the airplane mode or switching off the mobile completely while keeping charging.

2. Instead of using our PC's and laptop's USB ports to charge our phones, use the adapter charger given with the Smartphone.

3. Or buy a charger that can give out more amps so that you can channel more power to your smart phone.

4. Use apps like AI charger to boost up the charging from the PC`s USB port.

5. There are micro USB cables that come with two USB ports. You can effectively and quite efficiently double up the amps to charge your smart phone.

Part 2: Tips to Improve Battery Life

1. Check Battery usage settings: In Android phones, we can check the battery usage in the settings section and check which app or function using more battery power. Things like live wallpapers, keypad sounds and display will drain more battery power. Adjusting these settings accordingly will give you more battery life than you ever imagined.

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2. Turn off synchronization settings: Turn off the synchronization settings for your social apps like Facebook, twitter and Gmail. Just check for the notifications manually by going into the apps than using the notifications. These settings will significantly increase your battery life.

3. Turn unnecessary connections off: Now most phones come with Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi and LTE. We don't need them all the time. So turn off those settings and save more than half of your battery life. Out of all the features, GPS will eat up 1 percent of the battery every minute.

4. Enable the battery saving mode: Some of our smart phones come with battery saving settings preinstalled in them. Setting some features and settings to Low will also work.

5. Kill the unnecessary apps: There might be some apps that we don't use at all, like preinstalled apps which can be forced stopped or killed without rooting the device. Just go to the app section in the settings and kill or stop the apps we don't need.

6. Update apps: Updating apps will remove any bug and error that consume more power without your notice.

7. Decrease the brightness to minimum: Adjust the brightness to the lowest point.

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8. Turn to flight mode: When you are travelling, turn your phone into flight mode. Since while travelling the phone uses most of the power to stay connected to the network, especially when the signals are low.

9. Buy an additional battery or battery charger: Use an additional battery to keep your phone going for a long time.

10. Stop unnecessary widgets: Widgets continuously tap your mobiles for updates from the apps, so stop using them.

11. Use a black background: If you have an LED display then make a dark or black image as your wallpaper.

12. Set a minimum screen timeout: Turn the screen time out settings to the lowest possible.

13. Vibration mode: Turn off the vibration mode and use it when along with silence mode only.

14. Standby mode: When you don't use your Smart phone for some hours, turn the standby mode on.

Part 3: Top 5 Android Battery Manager Apps

If your phone doesn't have preinstalled battery saving mode, you may need to install one by yourself. Here is a list of apps you can download to manage the battery life:

Apps Scores Price
Easy Battery Saver 4.6/5 Free
Go Battery Saver and Power Widget 4.4/5 Free
Battery Defender 4.3/5 Free
JuiceDefender 4.4/5 Free
Battery Doctor 4.5/5 Free

1 Easy Battery Saver:

One of the useful apps that can really save some battery life with features which will help you save a maximum of 50 percent of the battery life.


  • Preset modes with general saving mode, intelligent saving mode, and super power mode, advanced mode and normal mode. Choose one mode and all will be done.
  • Ease to use.
  • Very effective and about one million downloads.
  • Interactive and simple UI.
  • Disadvantages:

  • Bugs and errors in recent update
  • Issues with network connections like Wi-Fi
  • Slow down few apps on the phone
  • Download Simple Audio Manager from Google Play Store>>

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    2Go Battery Saver and Power Widget

    Go battery saver and power widget comes with many battery saving options and we can upgrade to the advertisement free version too by paying some money, but the upgrade is not necessary.


  • Estimate battery remaining time accurately and change settings accordingly.
  • Personalized UI
  • One click battery optimization functions.
  • Disadvantages:

  • A bit overpriced when you go for the paid version
  • Problems in custom mode
  • Force closing some apps when using
  • Download Go Battery Saver and Power Widget from Google Play Store>>

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    3Battery Defender

    The battery defender is another good battery manager for Android users to save some extra battery life in their smart phones.


  • Features like genius sync, quiet sleeping, turning Wi-Fi off, and low battery policy.
  • Easy to use
  • Disadvantages:

  • Memory problems
  • Network connectivity problems
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Download Battery Defender from Google Play Store>>

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    4 JuiceDefender

    JuiceDefender is named as the most transparent battery saver that you can easily know which drains the most battery power.


  • • Simple and intuitive interface
  • • 5 preset mode with complete customization
  • • Auto toggle with network connection and mobile data
  • Disadvantages:

  • • Some features not available with the free version
  • • Poor signal sometimes
  • • Lots of permissions required
  • Download JuiceDefender from Google Play Store>>

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    5 Battery Doctor:

    Battery Doctor is like other apps. It also finds apps and settings that drains the most battery power and manage them to save power.


  • • 19 languages supported
  • • Three-stage charge system
  • • The ability to estimate the remaining power
  • Disadvantages:

  • • Poor interface
  • • Never charged, full
  • Download Battery Doctor from Google Play Store>>

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