3 Simple Steps to Root Nexus 6

Reasons to root Nexus 6

It is really amazing to have Nexus 6 at hand, not only used as a phone to make calls, text friends, but also as a tablet to play games, read eBooks, even view documents for work. However, if you haven't rooted your Nexus 6, you may not be allowed to uninstall the pre-installed apps on it, install any app you prefer, install the latest or your loved Android versions and boost the battery life.

How to root Nexus 6

Due to the above mentioned reasons, you may want to root Nexus 6. Sure, there are multiple ways offered on the Internet for you to do Nexus 6 rooting. However, many of them do the root via flashing a new ROM to your Nexus 6, which will put your Nexus 6 into risks, like being bricked and avoiding warranty. Before rooting your Nexus 6, you're supposed to think twice. I could suggest you try the safest way to root Nexus 6 – using One-click Root feature in Wondershare MobileGo. By using it, you'll never lose your data on Nexus 6, put your Nexus 6 into brick, or void its warranty. And it only takes you 3 simple steps to root Nexus 6. Check out the steps below:

Step 1. Download MobileGo to your Windows PC and install it. Right now, MobileGo only works on Windows operating system based PC. If you're using a mac, you should use it in virtual Windows operating system on your Mac. After then, run it right away.

Download Win Version

Step 2. Use the USB cable to connect your Nexus 6 with your computer. To make the program detect your Nexus 6, you should enable the USB debugging on your Nexus 6: Settings > About phone > tap Build number 7 times. In Developer Options, turn on USB debugging and click OK. When connected successfully, you can see the window of MobileGo looks like the screenshot below. Or you can try to connect your Nexus 7 with MobileGo via Wi-Fi.

nexus 6 rooting

Step 3. Click the 'One-Click Root' button on the right side of the window, letting the MobileGo do the Nexus 6 rooting for you. In the pop-up window, click "Ok" to confirm the rooting. It will take you a few minutes to root Nexus 6. Don't worry! Just be patient and keep your Nexus 6 connected with your computer during the Nexus 6 rooting process.

root nexus 6

See how simple it is to root Nexus 6. Why not download MobileGo to try by yourself.

Download Win Version