Top 5 Free Antivirus to clean virus and gunpoder from Android phone

As technology advances, so do hackers who never stop finding ways to circumvent systems. The number of hackers is on the rise meaning that not only computer users but also mobile users should be wary of the threat posed by these hackers. Virus and gunpoder are the most common malicious attacks common to android smartphones. In this article we take a look at some of the best antivirus applications that work exceptionally well for android phone users

  1. Avast Mobile Security
  2. clean virus and gunpoder from Android phone

    Avast is a company that has built its reputation in the PC world and it looks like they are also nailing it down in the mobile world. This antivirus offers a wide array of features for users ranging from protection against malware to anti-theft functionalities. With avast, protection of devices has been made prime given that the app provides a web shield, network manager and an app manager to afford android users top security. In the realm of anti-theft, the app lets users track, locate and manipulate stolen devices remotely. It even includes firewall configurations for rooted android users. The beauty is that the application is quite affordable-one can get the full features at $15 per year.


    • Cheap compared to other apps
    • It has a wide array of features


    • It does not work well with old phones
  3. 360 security Anti-virus
  4. clean virus and gunpoder from Android phone

    This is an all in one tool that is designed to boost device speeds whilst keeping an eye on any malware that might infect its system. In terms of speed, the app is good at cleaning up junk files like cache files and RAM. The tool does provide optimal security through scanning of memory locations and apps with the most up to date functionality. It does have admirable anti-theft features coupled by privacy to prevent important data files from being accessed by unauthorized persons.


    • It is free
    • Can clean all files left by old apps
    • It also has a data monitor
    • It is ruthless on potential threats


    • It can slow down old smartphones
  5. AVG antivirus
  6. clean virus and gunpoder from Android phone

    AVG is yet another antivirus that has been a mainstay in the PC market owing to the quality of services it offers to PC users. In the android world, its bar has also been set very high with this application being rated among the best antivirus apps in the world. So, what make this app very coveted? The first thing that makes it attractive is that it is free meaning that you can easily access it without having to dip into our pockets. It is a multifunctional app that provides security though filtering for malicious programs in apps and in the web. The app is particularly very functional in giving web security as it is designed to scan websites and URLs for threats. On top of these, the app is equally good in delivering smart anti-theft features to reduce chances of you losing your privacy on phone theft. This is not forgetting that the app also gives features that enable users to configure security on phone data like app locks among others.


    • It is free
    • it has lots of features
    • It allows app lock, app backup and sim lock


    • It is not so simple to use
    • It offers top security to Stock Android Browser but not as much in other browsers
  7. Bitdefender Antivirus
  8. clean virus and gunpoder from Android phone

    Now, if you are not a computer novice, then bitdefender is not a new word for you. Like the latter and the former, this antivirus is known to PC users and it is extending its territory to the android phones. The antivirus is popular thanks to its easy to use interface that allows even the newbies to navigate easily. It does not come short of features in that it gives maximum malware protection with automatic system scans plus it has anti-theft and privacy features. It will also give you security in browsers such as chrome, opera mini among others


    • easy to use
    • Works well with old android phones
    • It offers superb security


    • It has simple features
  9. Mcafee Mobile Security
  10. clean virus and gunpoder from Android phone

    This is an antivirus that has been bespoke fabricated to offer a one stop shop for its users in the sense that it has a collection of functionalities. It is a tool that will scan virtually anywhere within the phone and outside to get you the protection you crave for. The app has a widget that makes it very easy to manage security status from a single location. It also excels in anti-theft features and privacy-it has a dozen of the two blended together in a bid to get users security even remotely.


    • Free
    • Easy to Use
    • It has great features


    • It consumes lots of power

Tips to stay away from malwares

To avoid malware infections we look at some things you could do:

  • Install an antivirus-The first thing you will need to do is to ensure that you have an antivirus that can help you manage security functions of your phone.
  • You should look carefully at what you intend to download. Also, download stuff from trusted sources. For example, you can download your apps from the developer sources rather than third party sites.
  • Use the latest Android Version-This is to ensure that you have an OS that fixes any bugs that might be exploited by malicious tools and persons.


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