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How to Play WMV on Mavericks

" I installed Moutain Lion yesterday, and suddenly Quicktime can't play the video part of .wmv files (it can still play the audio). Any advice on what to do? Thanks! "

-Benjamin Ashwell

Many people complain that they can't play WMV movies with QuickTime any longer after they update their computers to Mountain Lion. Yeah, at present, QuickTime can't play WMV on Mountain Lion. That's because the plug-ins that let QuickTime support WMV, DivX, etc before are incompatible with Mountain Lion now. Well, is there any possible way to play WMV on Mountain Lion? My answer is absolutely yes. Here, I collect four feasible methods to help you enjoy the WMV files on the newest Mac operating system.

Solution one: Play WMV on Mountain Lion still using your own QuickTime (QuickTime X 10)

To fix the error, you need to uninstall and reinstall some QuickTime components. Just uninstall DivX, and then restart the computer. Uninstall Perian, reset computer. Uninstall Flip4mac, reboot your computer. At last, reinstall Perian and Flip4mac, and then restart again. Now, you can reload your WMV files to QuickTime. You'll find it works fine. If not, you go to MacintoshHD/Library/QuickTime to find and delete the extra XviD or 3ivX codec there. In this way, you can surely play WMV on Mountain Lion still with QuickTime.

play wmv in QuickTime on Mountain Lion

Note: If your Perian is invalid on Mountain Lion, you can try a great Perian alternative Mountain Lion.

Solution Two: Play WMV on Mountain Lion with QuickTime 7

Some QuickTime 7 lovers find they can play WMV on Mountain Lion but QuickTime fails. In fact, QuickTime Player 7 supports old media formats better than the latest version QuickTime X (10.0 or more). So if you don't mind using QuickTime 7, just play WMV on Mountain Lion with QuickTime 7 instead of your original QuickTime X.

Download QuickTime 7 from Apple

Solution Three: Play WMV on Mountain Lion with Wondershare Player

If don't like QuickTime, another powerful media player is strongly recommended. It's Wondershare Player, a free and neat program, which enables you to play all audio and video formats on both Mac and Windows platforms. Also, it's workable to load and add subtitles to a movie without captions. So just try this universal media player on Mountain Lion and enjoy your digital life!

Download Mac Version

 video player mac

Solution Four: Convert WMV to a QuickTime-compatible format on Mountain Lion

If you're used to using the QuickTime X (10.0 or later) to play your media files, but have trouble with Solution one, there is another doable way to enjoy the wonderful WMV media content in QuickTime. The solution is to convert WMV to a QuickTime-supported format with the intelligent Video Converter for Mac . This nice app is specially designed to convert between all kinds of video formats, so you can play them on any device and application without any limitation. Here, you can select to convert WMV to MOV on Mountain Lion, for MOV is completely compatible with QuickTime. See the details from the guide on how to convert WMV to MOV.

Download Mac Version

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