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YouTube to WMV Converter-How to Convert YouTube to WMV

I'm trying to get a YouTube video in Windows Movie Maker but it does not accept MP4 format or FLV so I tried to convert YouTube to WMV but it doesn't work? So I really need someone who knows to help me out here I really need this video in Windows Movie Maker.

Downloaded some interesting or educational videos from YouTube? Then you may have noticed that those downloaded YouTube files are normally saved in FLV for FLV having been the most-used delivery format online especially on YouTube.com (Sometimes MP4 is used). But no matter how hot FLV is online, the file format is not so popular offline. The most typically problem is playback. On Windows, YouTube FLV files (including MP4 files) are not playable in Windows Media Player while also unaccepted by QuickTime in Mac OS. Insert to PowerPoint for featuring your presentation? Neither can you do.

To help you fix these kinds of problems, this article would show you how to convert YouTube to WMV on both Windows OS and Mac OS. Video Quality and conversion speed of course is important and need to be concerned. So that a professional Video Converter for Windows and Video Converter for Mac are used, both of which enables you to convert YouTube to WMV as quickly and easily as possible with loss-less quality.

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Here takes the YouTube to WMV Windows conversion for example.

1. Add video files into the YouTube to WMV converter

Launch the converter and directly drag and drop your YouTube videos to it. Or you can also go to "Convert" menu on the main interface of the YouTube to WMV converter and then choose "Add Files". To make your YouTube to WMV conversion easier, the program even allows you to import files straightforwardly from your devices or hard drive if your files are stored there. Batch conversion is supported, which means, you can convert more than one file at one go.

convert YouTube to WMV, YouTube to WMV converter

2. Select WMV as your output format

For this part, you can open the format list offered and then choose "WMV" under the "Format">"Video" section. You can customize the resolution, frame rate and bite rate by yourself if it's needed.

YouTube to WMV online, YouTube to WMV Mac

By the way, there are some edit functions offered by the Video Convert Platinum which can greatly enhance your video files. To get more details about this, go to the User Guide of Video Converter.

3. Start to convert YouTube to WMV

Click "Convert" and let the rest be accomplished automatically by the smart software. If you need to convert YouTube to WMV in Mac running Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion etc., you can go to the User Guide of Video Converter for Mac to get the step by step guide.

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