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Wedding Guest Book: Make a Unique Guest Book for Wedding Reception

Every wedding reception has a wedding guest book. Did you know that? If no, order one or make a unique photo guest book for your wedding. It is very important to every bride and groom. Years ago, wedding guest book served as a helper to remember who come to your wedding, to write notes for thank you cards, and to create your formal address book. But actually, wedding guest book could be a memento to record the memory of your friends on you, the advice of a happy marriage from parents, and general wishes.

To turn your wedding guest book to a keepsake, rather than a dusty object on the bookshelf, make a personalized photo guest book instead of formal wedding guest book. It’s suggested not to restrict the contents by writing name or notes on the book. Just leave blank space for wishes, advices, and true words from all guests. You could even reserve photo place in the guest book, which would be filled with photos taken by either guests or your wedding photographer. All in all, it could be enjoyable for you to create a photo guest book, and also make your guests enjoyable to sign in with. Here are some wedding guest book ideas and wordings for you:

Wedding guest book ideas

Wedding guest book is also called wedding sign in book, which lets guests to sign in and enables them to write memories, congratulatory notes, signatures and well wishes. If your wedding has a theme, the wedding guest book is also one place to extend your style. It’s better to design wedding guest book in your style and have a complemented pen set – a base and paint-style oil markers or metallic pens with black or blue oil, depending on your wedding guest book style.

Wedding guest book wordings

Write something special on your wedding guest book to turn it into a perfect memorable keepsake. Use the Add Text icon (T letter) on top to add wordings you want. Here are some wedding guest book wordings to spark your inspiration.

Our guest book is oh so barren,
without your words of love and wisdom,
please take a moment to leave us a note or a joke,
some advice or well wishes…
(Bride) and (Groom)

Please share with us your wisdom,
about marriage, love, and life.
How to be a loving husband,
Or a perfect wife.
(Bride) and (Groom)

What would you like the newlyweds
to remember most about this day?

Please write your hopes and wishes,
to share with us for life.
For the greatest gift of all,
is the gift of your advice.

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