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How to Edit AVI Files with AVI Editor in Mac/Win (Windows 8 included)

You may have many AVI videos at hand which indeed enrich your daily life. However, editing AVI videos is another fun for you to explore. Maybe one particular scene in a video really bothers you and you want to take it out, or a logo on the edge of the video image makes you annoyed and you want to crop it, or the video effects don't satisfy you and you want to readjust.

If you're looking for a wonderful AVI editor to edit AVI videos, Wondershare AVI Video Editor is a highly recommended. Its friendly user interface and easy-to-handle tools deserve your praise. Now read on to get more information about this AVI editor and learn how to easily edit AVI videos with it.

Easy-to-use AVI Editor:

wondershare video editor
  • Support AVI (XVID, DIVX, H264/AVC, etc) from camcorder, Internet and elsewhere.
  • Easily edit AVI with handy video editing tools like crop, cut, trim, rotate and more.
  • Personalize video with transitions, intro &credits, text effects and more.
  • Provides advanced editing tools like Tilt Shift, Face off, Mosaic, Jump Cut, etc.
  • Upload the edited video online directly, or burn it to DVD discs.

Why Choose Wondershare AVI Editor

avi video editor


This AVI editor features an intuitive and easy-to-learn interface and gives you total video editing control. Now drag-n-drop to add your files and layer AVI video, audio and text elements for easy access and editing.
avi video editor

Powerful Editing Functions

Edit video with classic features like trim, crop, cut, split, rotate, merge, etc. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue to reach your expected video quality and easily tweak the playback speed.
avi editor

Rich Stunning Effects

Various text effects, gorgeous filters, funny animation resources, dynamic transitions, impressive intro/credits and vivid sound effects - get access to every available video creation feature to make your video unique.
avi video editor

Various Output Options

Ready to share your creations? You can convert them to play on any of your mobile device, share directly onto your YouTube channel or Facebook page or produce DVD discs.

How to Easily Edit AVI Video:

1. Cut AVI Video

To cut your AVI video file, just highlight it on the timeline, then place the red Time Indicator to the where you want to cut the video, and click the Scissor button above the timeline. After that, move the red marker to the end of the scene, and repeat this again

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avi video editor

2. Join AVI Video

This AVI editor enables you to easily join several AVI videos together. You just need to place all the video files on the timeline, adjust the order and hit "Create" to export it.

If you want to add transitions between clips for smooth change from one to next, go to the "Transition" tab to add transition effect. Choose you like and drag-n-drop it onto the timeline to apply. You can also let the software choose the transition randomly by right clicking and selecting "Random to All" option.

edit avi video

3. Edit the Audio of AVI Video

Double click the target video and switch to the audio column. Then you can simply use the slider to fine-tune your video/audio.

To change the original audio track, right click the video file and choose "Audio Detach". Then the audio file of your video will immediately be separated. You can easily delete it or replace it with a new one.

edit avi video

4. Add More Video Effects

More than 50 visual effects could be added to your AVI videos. Simply drag and drop an effect to the Timeline, and it will be applied to videos and photos. For some effects, you can double click on them to adjust the parameters. All added titles on the Timeline will have a leading letter "E". Easily trim or expand it by dragging.

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avi video editor

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Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

Hi Steve, you can upgrade to the latest version: http://bit.ly/1LQ4sau Download and install again.
Help please? With my Wondershare Video Editor 5.1.1 recently it froze and I got the following message when I attempted to use: "Access violation at address 0066D7F6 in module ‘VideoEditor.exe’. Write of address 000003CC" I have Windows XP and have run the program very successfully until this happened. What should I do? Liza Brown can you advise? There is no mention on the Wondershare site.
Subject: PROBLEM ---- ERROR ACCESS VIOLATION at address 00672899 Content: I must tell you I am so frustrated with this Video editor, I bought it yesterday, spend the whole day editing a video and in the end it gives me error ACCESS VIOLATION in the full feature mode. I am still keep getting that ACCESS VIOLATION AT ADDRESS 00672899 I can't open that video anymore . Please help now! I thinking about getting a refund. I have uninstalled the software twice. What a disappointment
hi, so you need to install two versions(V4.8.0 & V5.1.1) on your computer? If you do, technically you could have them on your computer. But it is not suggested to do that. If you insist, you could follow below steps to have a try. 1. Go to the path below and then renamed the folder "wondershare Video Editor" to another name. Meanwhile please renamed the program icon on desktop as well. C:Program Files (x86)Wondershare 2. Click on the link below to install the V5.1.1 and meanwhile please choose another location to install the program instead of the default path. Such as D drive. 3. After installation. You could either click on the program icon on desktop to launch the old verison. Or you could go to the another path of the new installation folder to find video editor.exe to launch another verison 5.1.1 Hope it helps! Many thanks!
Hi, Liza, Thanks for the feedback. The issue with uninstalling software is universal -- everything leaves behind remnants that have to be removed, either with 3rd party advanced uninstallers, or manually. So, it's not just Wondershare! But any improvement to uninstalling would be very welcome. I'm not averse to upgrading from 4.8.0 -- it simply does the job I need at the moment without any problems. I would like to keep my software up-to-date, but not at the expense of unnecessary problems. Is it possible to install a second version of Wondershare Video Editor, such as 5.1.1, while also keeping an earlier version installed? This would allow me to check out a new version on my system without affecting an earlier install. (This is possible with other graphics software that I use, such as AutoCAD.)
hi, sorry to learn of the unsatisfaction experience of uninstalling 5.1.1 version. To be honest, there is some remnants left even you launch the uninstaller. We will forward your comments to our developers for improvement in future version. Sorry for the convenience caused to you. Now since you have decided to keep using the V4.8.0 verison, we will not force you to do any updates to the programs again. Please let me know if there is anything needed. Thanks!
I've resolved this to my own satisfaction by uninstalling 5.1.1 and totally expunging every last remaining Wondershare item from my computer afterwards. The uninstall leaves a lot of items behind, and even advanced uninstallers that are supposed to get rid of every last remnant failed to find some, so I still had to delete these remnants manually after a bit of a search. (Why oh why cannot software developers provide proper uninstallers for their own software?) I decided to revert to an earlier version of WVE which had worked perfectly for me when I needed it to -- 4.8.0. I will continue to use this version for the foreseeable future, and I will be extremely wary of updating to a newer version until such time as I am confident that the sort of problem the recent upgrade caused me will no longer happen.
I've used Video Editor on-and-off for a few months now. I was just preparing to use it for a new project so started the program. It informed me there was an update to fix a minor bug, so I updated my installation, to 5.1.1 -- only, now I'm getting an "Access violation" when I try to use Full Feature Mode. This did not occur before this update -- the previous version was running error free. What's the solution to this problem, please?
Hi, Gamezertruth,the new version has fix all the known bugs of 5.1.0 and it runs more faster and stable.
what’s new in wondershare video editor ? any changelog - )