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Video Watermark - How to Watermark a Video with Video or Photo

Nowadays, videos are more and more used on company websites like demos, tutorials, samples, and event introductions. Adding a logo as watermark can protect the copyright and help promote your brand as well.

Wondershare Video Editor is not only an ideal tool to edit your videos, but also one of the best video watermark software tools available today. Apart from using a static image such as logo or watermark, it allows users to create video watermarks simly by adding a video using Video Editor's Picture-in-Picture function. This article will show you the easy way to add a video or image as a video watermark in Windows. If you're a Mac user, just use the Mac video editor to achieve the same.

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Step 1: Add video and watermark files to the program

You can either click the "Import" button on the primary window and select files from your computer, or just capture videos directly to the in-program User's Album with your webcam or other video-capture device. This video watermark software supports almost all regular video and image file formats, such as MP4, WMV, AVI, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, JPG, etc.

video watermark

Step 2: Add video and watermark files to the Timeline

Drag videos from the User's Album to the Video track on Timeline, while drag watermark video or image file to the PIP (Picture-in-Picture) track. Extend the length of the watermark file on PIP track as belows:

1. Mouse over the end of watermark item.

2. When the "double arrow" cursor appears, drag to be as long as the video length.

video watermark

Step 3: Adjust watermark

There are many options to help you place a watermark on your video.

Motion: Choose from more than 30 motion effects to make watermark animated. There will be a sign when motion is added to a watermark.

Position: Place the watermark anywhere on screen.

Size: Drag and toggles to resize your watermark. Check the Keep Aspect Ratio check box to constrain the proportions.

Mask: Shape your watermark with one click. Adjust the image width or height.

Effect: This tab allows you to add a border, shadow, rotate, flip and add alpha effects to your watermark.

add watermark to video

Step 4: Save watermarked videos

When you have finished the customization of video watermark, click "Create". You can save watermarked videos in almost any format you want by clicking "Format". If you want to share your videos on YouTube, go directly to the YouTube tab and upload watermarked videos there. You can also create videos for mobile devices and burn to DVD for backup purposes.

how to watermark a video

Also view a step by step video tutorial below:

Tips: Besides video watermarks, Video Editor also provides other video editing functions like adding background music, photos, special effects, etc.

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You mean the watermark on the output video?
how to remove watermark
You can click the "Text" button in the toolbar, choose a style and enter the text.
all i want to do is put a company name at the bottom of my video. so where do i get a watermark text file?
I just figured it out with this, thanks!
Shuhaib Mohammed
I have been searching a long time for such a perfect Tool. This is indeed one of the Best !. Simple & Fast . Thanks a LoT !


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