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Video Cropper for Mavericks: How to Crop Video on OS X Mavericks

As Apple will release the new operating system - OS X Mavericks, you may need a  video cropper for Mavericks to crop the videos and convert the format as different media devices come with different screen resolution and supported software. So here I recommend a multi-functional application for mac users - Video Editor for Mac. With it, you can easily mange to crop videos in various formats. What’s more, the video can be converted into formats for Mac as being cropped. Want have a try? Now check out the steps below to see how to crop video on OS X Mavericks.

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1 Add video file to the program

Launch the video cropper for Mavericks; choose “16:9” or “4:3” ration according to your needs. Then go to File > Add Files or just drag and drop your video to the timeline. Here a media browser is provided for you to conveniently get files from your iTunes library, iMovie, etc.

video cropper mavericks

2 Crop your videos

Highlight the target video, click the Crop button in the middle tool bar and then editing window will pop up. Then select "16:9" or "4:3" option or drag and reposition the crop rectangle to select the part of the image you want to crop. If satisfied, click “Done”; if not, click “Reset” to reset the settings.

Note: To get a better outcome, you may need to select the corresponding aspect radio before exporting. For example, you have constrained your video to 16:9, then you need to set the Resolution in "Advanced settings" to options like 480*272 or 1280*720.

video cropper for mavericks

3 Export the cropped video

Click the Play icon to preview your video before exporting to make sure the video has not been cropped too much. If everything is OK, click “Export” to save your file. Here are several options for you:

  • Save your file in different formats as you like in the “Format” tab.
  • Select a specific device from the list and save to play on it in “Device” tab.
  • Go to “YouTube” tab to instantly upload the video to YouTube.
  • Go to “DVD” tab and burn the file to DVD to better preserve your video.

how to crop video on mavericks

Watch this video tutorial to learn more information:

Download Mac VersionDownload Win Version

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