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How to Make a Split Screen Video

The split screen (also known as picture in picture or video overlaying) is showing two video streams simultaneously. It has become a popular technique in videos of different types. You can apply this technique when creating fast paced promotional videos, comparison videos or even to make it look as if you are having a conversation with yourself!

You think it's difficult to make a split screen video? Well, video editing tool such as Wondershare Video Editor offers the option to create split screen video. With it, you can easily and quickly make a split screen video in merely minutes. Now check out the detailed guide below and learn how to make a split screen video.

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1 Import the media files

Open Video Editor, click “Import” to add your media files to the “User’s Album”. Then drag-n-drop the files you want to show simultaneously with the video to the PIP timeline, you’ll get a raw Picture in picture video.

split screen video

2 Edit the split screen video

Click the Play button to preview the effect. Then move the items on PIP track to decide when it shows up and drag the ends to trim or extend PIP length. After that, you can apply PIP resources to effortlessly add more fun to your split screen video. To do this, double click the added files on the PIP track to arouse the Motion panel.

Click "Advanced" button for extra Mask and Effect options. In the motion tab, choose from more than 30 motions effects to make your slit screen video animated. Just double click the effect you want to add, and then there will be a sign on the PIP track. In the Effect tab, make use of useful tools such as border, shadow, rotate, flip and alpha, which will make the Split video more beautiful. In the Mask tab, one-click to shape the video and adjust the width, height, left and top as you like.

split screen video editor

3 Save the split screen video

Video Editor provides various options for you to save the split screen video. After finishing the project, hit “Create” and save the split video to different formats, upload to YouTube or burn to DVD.

split screen video software

Download win version Download mac version

Here is a video tutorial:

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The software only keeps the audio of the original video (i.e. the video you added on the video track). If you want to remain the audio of the added video (i.e. the video on the PIP tracks), you should replace the audio of the original video first (right click the video and choose "Audio Detach").
I put a video in PIP but the sound didn't work.!!??
Just place the audio file on the music track of the timeline.
How can I make the PIP have sound???? please help need to use it for a youtube video!


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