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MP3 to Video Converter: Convert MP3 to Video

I want to add a cover to my mp3 recording and upload it as a video to YouTube. How to do it?

If you have many songs in MP3 format, you may want to know how to finish this simple task as well: add image to your MP3 files and show that image when you play the MP3 song. In this article, a powerful video editing tool- Video Editor is recommended to help you convert MP3 to video. It makes superb audio visualizations with your own pictures for your MP3 files and enables you to upload them directly to YouTube in high quality. In this way, you can share your music with all your online followers and maybe gain new followers. Now check out the following instructions.

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1 Import MP3 and Images to this Program

Install and run Video Editor, then choose 16:9 or 4:3 ratio and click “Import” to select the desired MP3 song and images from your computer to import. The imported files will appear as thumbnails in the item tray. You can double click the MP3 file to listen to, or image file to view in the right previewing window.

2 Combine MP3 and Images

After all the files are being imported, drag-n-drop the MP3 file and image file to the music and video track respectively. Then highlight the image and when the "I" icon appears, drag it and expand the time frame to fit the length of the MP3 file.

convert MP3 to video

If you want to add more images and show them at the same time, drag-n-drop all the files to the PIP track (you can add up to 10 at a time). Then change the size, position as you like. If necessary, add intro/credit, transition and more effects to make a more special creation.

convert MP3 to video

3 Covert MP3 to Video

After adding images to MP3 file, click Play to preview the result. If you're satisfied, hit “Creation” and go to the YouTube tab and enter related information to directly upload the converted MP3 to YouTube. You can also save it to other video format, or save to fit portable devices like iPhone 5. What’s more, you can also choose the DVD option to create an amazing DVD video instantly.

convert MP3 to video

Now when playing your song on PC, mobile phone or social website like YouTube, your embedded image will be displayed. Cool, isn’t it?

Watch this video tutorial to learn more information:

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