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How to Join Several 3GP Video Files into a Single File

Want a program that will help you join short 3GP video clips recorded by your phone camera? This is very common since many of us will take the advantage of smart phones to shot videos conveniently. To combine these small 3GP video clips, I’d like to introduce an easy-to-use 3GP joiner that merges 3GP videos with high quality.

That’s Wondershare Video Editor (Windows 8 supported). It keeps the original quality by offering customizable and advanced parameters setting. Besides joining 3GP videos, it can also helps to join video files in all popular formats, like MP4, AVI, MOV. MPEG, WMV, MKV, VOB, MOD, TOD, etc. What's more, with the free transitional effect or intro/credits provided, you can make it more meaningful and stylish.

Now free download trial verison of Wondershare Video Editor and follow below step-to-step guide. If you’re running a Mac, please adopt Wondershare Video Editor for Mac to join 3GP videos in Mac. The steps are almost the same.

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1Import 3GP files

After installing and running Wondershare Video Editor, please click "Import" to browse 3GP files on your file folder, or just drag and drop them into the primary window. All 3GP clips loaded will show as thumbnails on the left User's Album. You can double click any 3GP file to preview on the right screen window.

2Join 3GP files by drag-n-drop

To merge multiple 3GP files, select them by holding down Ctrl or Shift key, and then drag them into the video Timeline. Now all 3GP files has been merged without any stop. You can click the play icon to have a check. If you want to change the order for them, just drag the video clip to the position you want to place. Note: Please don't overlay one clip onto another, otherwise you'll split them into two parts.

merge 3gp videos

3Join 3GP videos with transition (optional)

By default, there will be no transition applied to the joined 3GP videos. If you want to add control on how one video clip go after another, you'll need to add transition between clips. To do so, click the Transition tab on the toolbar, and drag your wanted template to the target position on timeline. To add the same transition to all your clips, you can right click your desired transition and choose "Apply to All" and "Random to All" to add transitions in seconds.

Tips: You can also split, rotate, flip, trim, or crop 3GP videos with Wondershare Video Editor.

3gp joiner

4Combine 3GP files into one

After adding your wanted transitions, you can click the Play button to preview the merged 3GP video. When everything satisfied, click "Create" in the middle of the program window to save the mixed 3GP file. In the output window, you can select from all popular formats, or optimized preset for playback on iPod, iPhone, iPad. Also, you can directly upload your created 3GP file to YouTube or burn 3GP to DVD video for viewing on TV.

combine 3gp files

You can also check out the video guide below:

More about Wondershare Video Editor

Besides join 3GP video clips together seamlessly, Wondershare Video Editor helps you achieve more:

  • Common editing tools: crop, trim, split, rotate, flip, merge, cut, mute.
  • Fine-tune options like adjusting Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Hue, etc.
  • Add background music, record voiceover or detach audio from video.
  • 300 effects ready to impress: 73 transitions, 86 filters, 59 intro/credits, and more.
  • Special editing features includes Face-off, Picture-in-picture, Jump cut, mosaic blur, and so on.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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