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Texts and Titles: How to Add Titles, Texts and Credits to Video

Text, intro or credit helps you easily tell your story with video. Wondershare Video Editor comes with powerful yet easy-to-use text editing tools to help you add titles to video easily. This article will show you how to add titles and intros/credits to a video using Wondershare Video Editor. First, download the free trial version from the links below.

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Adding Text to Video

It's not a thing about "text to a movie", but with handy text tools, you can turn your videos into self-expressive movies.

1. Import and add a video to the Timeline

Before adding a video to the Timeline, you need to import videos to the supplied User's Album. This way, all your editing won't apply to the original videos. Just keep them safe. To add titles, drag and drop a video from User's Album to Timeline first.

apply text template

2. Apply a text template and change text

Now switch to Text tab, 20+ text templates will appear on the left panel. Drag and drop any text template to the Timeline, and you will see a text thumbnail with a leading letter "T". Double click the text thumbnail will open the text editor panel, where you can type in your text, and then select the font, color, animation, etc. Preset styles are also included. Click "Return" to go back to the primary window.

add titles

Note: When you drag and drop a text template to an existing one, the original will be automatically split and the new one will insert to the current position.By the way, after you drag and drop the text template to the timeline, you can review the effect in the preview windows.

3. Adjust text in a video

On the Timeline, you can move the added title to any position and let it display at specified time. Also drag the end of text thumbnail to extend its duration.

To delete a video title, select it and click the Delete button above Timeline or simply press Delete key on the keyboard,or right click to choose "Delete".

You can also watch the video tutorial about how to add text to videos below:

Adding Intro/Credit to Video

Intro/Credit is more like a combination of titles and photo. Actually, you can add it anywhere on Video Track of Timeline. They help you create chapters and good-looking intro, credit and cast.

1. Drag and drop an Intro/Credit template

Similar to adding titles, you can simply drag and drop a template in Intro/Credit tab to Video Track on Timeline. If you drop it on an existing video/photo, the original video/photo will be split and the Intro/Credit will insert at the specified position.

add intro credit

2. Change text and make settings

Now double click the text or photo to editing Intro/Credit. For the Intro/Credit titles, you can change text, font, color, animation, etc. For the photo, the built-in editing tools including Rotate, Crop, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, and Motion.

On the Timeline, move text/photo and extend their duration as described above.

Exporting Video with Titles

After finishing adding text to video, click "Create" tab and you get four ways to output your video: Device, Format, YouTube and DVD. For device and format, all popular devices and formats are supported (If you can't find the suitable device, you can try to save with suitable formats which can support your device). Besides, it's convenient to directly upload a video with text to YouTube, or burn to DVD without third-party DVD burning tools required.

export text to video

It's so easy to add titles and credit to your video. Why not download Wondershare Video Editor and make a Hollywood-style movie now?!

Download win version Download mac version

You can also watch the video tutorial about how to insert intro/credit to videos below:

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Hi Al, you will be able to type no more than 200 characters only. Try delete some text and then copy again.
Hi Jenna, those credit titles are offered in previous versions. The latest version you've just downloaded is 5.1.1 and has some of these credit titles removed. If you want the curtains effect, you can just uninstall the current version on your computer and then try install the 4.7.0 version. Here is a download link: http://bit.ly/1DL2VA2 The registration info will be kept and you don't have to register again.
where are the credit titles that you can see above and in all the advertised pictures? Such as the curtains or Paper 1? I don't have these on my wondershare i just bought. How do i get them?
Hi Liza...In tried coping text from my Word 2013 program and it will not allow me to paste the entire message in the text box on Wondershare...just wondering why not? Thanks.
hi, may I know if you are using the latest version 5.1.1, if not, we presume the non-matching problem is from the old version. We have improve the text engine by releasing a new version. So please click on the link below to update the program and then add the text again. Please let us know if it works. Many thanks! http://download.wondershare.com/video-editor_full846.exe
Ben M.
Not a good program at all. What is shown on the screen and wherd the cursor on the timeline is does not match. smh. I got thr free version and already know it's a waste of time and money.
hi, you could go to media tap, then find the sample color, select black. Then drag and drop it to the end of the video. Then go to text tap, and select the text named title and apply it to match with the black color. Thanks.
Help me
How do you put a end card in wondershare video editing a
Hello, if yours does not look the same, then you migh be using the old version. So please click on the link below to update the program first. Then see if it is the same. Thanks! http://download.wondershare.com/video-editor_full846.exe