How to Make Slow/Fast Motion Videos (Speed Up/Slow Down Effect)

Fast Motion/Slow Motion effects, also known as Speed Up/Slow Down effects in Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker, which make the video clips play faster or slower than original speed. Usually, the effect is used to make videos dramatic or funny.

Now Wondershare Video Editor also allows you to quickly make fast motion and slow motion videos. Read on to see how to speed up or slow down your creativeness. Below is the free trial verion of Wondershare Video Editor (Windows/Mac).

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Step 1: Add video files to the program

Click "Import" on the primary window and select the video files from your computer to add them into this program. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop files to the User's Album. Wondershare Video Editor supports almost all regular video formats, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, M4V, MPG, VOB, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, F4V, MPEG, TS, TRP, M2TS, MTS, TP, DAT, MKV, DV, MOD, NSV, TOD, EVO, etc.

slow motion and fast motion

Step 2: One click to speed up or slow down

Next, drag videos from the User's Album to the video track on the Timeline, and then double-click the added video to open video editing panel. Locate the Speed option, and the speed numbers will indicate how fast or slow the motion effects will be. Adjust to the speed you want.

  • 0.5: half of the original speed (Slow Down, Half)
  • 1: The original speed
  • 1.5: 1.5 times the original speed (Speed Up, 1.5 x Speed)
  • 2: Double the original speed (Speed Up, Double)

fast slow motion video

Note that you can also click the "Audio" tab at the bottom to adjust its volume, pitch, set fade in/fade out effect, etc.

Step 3: Export fast/slow motion video

When you have finished adjusting the video speed, click "Create". You can save video in any popular formats by clicking "Format". If you want to play your new video creation on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, click "Device" and select the icon for your devices. You can also share your videos on YouTube directly or burn video to DVD disc.

save speed up, slow down effect

Tips: Besides Fast motion and slow motion video effects, you could also change the speed and pitch of the audio to change the voice. Give it a try.

Download win version Download mac version

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You can double click one of the picture on the timeline. Then in the pop up window, change the duration setting and click "Apply to all".
Hello, by default each picture creates a video of some 4:20 when added to timeline, is it possible to reduce the length of all videos at once when adding many pictures? I mean I don't want to reduce manually the length from 4:20 to a small length one by one since I have more than 300 pictures.
Thanks for your suggestion. We will make the slow motion function more powerful in the future update.
I really want a more powerful slow mo effect, its not very slow.
hi have same problem as Robert 'Clair' Jędrachowicz my quicktime hd video plays like in slow motion while the sound is normal speed - I understand it's because the program does not properly support hd video yet. when do you expect the update you mention will be released?otherwise wondershare video editor looks great and just what i was looking for. thanks.
To get more effects, just click the "Download" button on the upper left corner.
i want more effects for editing the present effect not enough for me to use what shout i do
Hi, Naomi, you can double click the video and find the Speed option under Adjust.
I find NO speed control. I have downloaded the program onto two of my computers and had planned on purchasing it after trying it. I don't think I will unless I am able to change the speed of the frames other than individually on the video bar. I have screen shots showing the editor and there is Rotate and Adjust. Listed under adjust is contrast; saturation; brightness; and hue....speed is not there. Where might I find it?
There really needs to be a lot more control over the speed, I sometimes have hours of videos that I'd like to timelapse by playing back at 64x and sometimes on the super action shots I want to slow them down to 25%. In Windows Movie Maker I'll often tweak the speed so that a timelapse superspeed ends precisely with the music. Therefore a slider with only 4 settings is hardly useful. Please make it so that we can slow it down to as little as 10% and go as fast as 64x.
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