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Split Your Video into Sub Clips with Auto Scene Detection

Scene detection is a very useful technique that helps you split a video at changes into sub clips automatically. When you want to synchronize audio and video tracks in a movie, or cut out some unwanted clips, auto scene detection will help you a lot. Because after scene detection, you can quickly find and focus only on the scenes that you want.

Though many video editing programs support auto scene detection, like FFmpeg, FCP, or Adobe Premier, they often come on the complicated side. So here, I want to share a powerful and easy-to-use video scene detection software: Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor). With it, it takes only one click to make scene change detection, and load to the Timeline for comfortable editing. Get the free trial below.

Download win version Download mac version

1Import your videos

After running this program, choose "Full Feature Mode". Then click "Import" to load your source videos to the User's Album. After being successfully loaded, they will be shown as thumbnails.

2Detect scenes automatically in a click

Then highlight a video clip in the User's Album, right click it and select "Scene Detection". In the pop-up dialogue, simply click "Detect" to start auto scene detection. Now, you see this program beginning to detect change scenes and place all different sub clips in the right window. When it's complete, you can double click any video segment to preview, and delete any unwanted items while keeping others intact. At last, click "Apply" to load them on the Timeline.

scene cut detection

3Edit and enhance video in minutes (optional)

After the auto scene detection, you may go ahead to do all common edits like crop, rotate, trim, split, add background music, record voiceover, change volume, the playing speed, and more. Also, you can enhance your video with stunning transitions, titles, intros/credits, picture-in-picture effects, animations to make it more polished and professional-looking.

scene detect

4Save and share your creation

Now preview your movie and click "Create" if satisfied with the result. Then choose a way to output your video. Here is a bunch of options for you:

  • Save on your computer: Choose a format from many popular format options to keep the high quality of your original files.
  • Play on your mobile phones or tablets: Go to the 'Device" tab, and select the optimized format to gain best playback experience.
  • Publish on YouTube: Click the "YouTube" tab, and fill your account information to share with your friends and family directly from this program.
  • Burn to DVD: Convert your creation to DVD in minutes to play on wide-screen TV.

scene change detection

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Watch the video tutorial below:

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

Currently using the Mac version. I wish there is a way to adjust the scene detect sensitivity by putting a change percentage. Right now it generates too many scenes even on the low sensitivity settings.
That's a good point, the question is what kind of plugin features Wondershare can provide to Sony Vegas if Wondershare Video Editor can meet our users' needs and requirements already?
Good software, but it would be much cooler if wondershare made a plugin for Sony Vegas
Sorry for the inconvenience. Please re-install the latest version (4.9) from this link: http://download.wondershare.com/video-editor_full846.exe, since the product manager said they already fixed the project issue in this version. As for other suggestion, I've sent to them as well. I think they'll take into consideration.
Wondershare is a great program! The developers should HEAVILY consider allowing the clips created from scene detection to be saved INDIVIDUALLY or at least adding/sending them to the media import area (maybe automatically creating a User Album) once the 'APPLY' button is hit. Putting all the clips in the timeline after scene detection is not useful (for me) and the project itself (when saved) cannot be re-opened for future editing, the software sends a message that the file is "broken".
Sorry, the Mac version is different from the Windows version. The scene detection feature isn't available for Mac.
I downloaded version 2.8.0 for Mac and even after digging into it and following your tutorial, I cannot find the scene detection feature that you mention. Also, my version looks a lot different than yours. Are you sure this feature is available for Mac?