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How to Compress Fraps Video Files

I often use fraps to record my game play videos, but the video size is rather big. Now I want to make them smaller and cut some clips out without making them blurry. Which program can I use?

Fraps is a great application which helps users to record or take screenshots of video games they’re playing. As you all might know, the recorded ingame files have pretty high quality, but at a cost- huge file sizes. Since keeping these big and heavy files in your computer could clog the hard drive and make downloading more difficult, you may need a program which can compress Fraps video to a manageable size.

To help you easily compress Fraps video files, Wondershare Video Converter is highly recommended. The “Small Size” function automatically compresses your video files without any quality loss. You can also manually adjust the encoder, resolution, bit rate, frame rate, etc. to get the result that you want. Interested? Just go through the steps blow.

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1 Import the Fraps video files to this video compressor

After running this video converter, click Add Files button on the top left corner and choose the video files you want to compress. You can also simply drag-n-drop the Fraps videos onto the program. Then all the added videos will be shown as thumbnails on the left item tray.

2 Compress the Fraps video files

Converting the video format is an efficient way to reduce the video size. To do it, click the format image on the right side of the interface, or click the drop-down list on the Output Format panel. Then select a format you want to convert. If you don't want to change the format, just choose the original video format. Then click Settings button on the bottom right corner of the interface. Tick Small Size option and click OK. You’ll find that the estimated output size becomes much smaller compared with the original file.

how to compress fraps file

Tip: You can also manually adjust the video settings such as Encoder, Resolution, Frame Rate, Bit Rate to compress the video. To do this, click Setting and select the lower parameters value In the drop-down list.

compress fraps file

3 Save the compressed video files

Click the Play icon to preview the output effect. If you’re satisfied with the result, just hit Convert to start the compression process. After several seconds, you can get the compressed files in the output destination.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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