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3GP Cutter: How to Cut 3GP Files

Wondershare 3GP cutter is a great and easy-to-use tool to cut a big 3GP file into several smaller 3GP files, or to exactly select any segment you want from your 3GP file. The whole process is so damn easy. It seems you cut the 3GP file with a virtual scissor. You can cut it at any point of the video with a simple click. After that, this app will export the new video clip into a new file without any quality loss.

Just download and install this smart 3GP splitter -Wondershare Video Editor (Video Editor for Mac). And then follow the step-by-step tutorial below to cut your 3GP files.

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1 Add 3GP files to this 3GP cutter

There are two different ways for you to add 3GP files to this 3GP splitter. Hit the “Import” button on the main menu of the interface to browse your computer and then import your wanted 3GP files to this app’s album. Or you can also add your files by directly dragging and dropping them into this app’s album.

3GP splitter

2 Cut 3GP file

Drag one of 3GP files from the album to the timeline at the bottom. And then move the top of the red Time Indicator to put it at one point you want, click the scissor-like cion, move the Time Indicator to another point, and hit the scissor icon again. In this way, you can cut the 3GP file into several clips.

If you want to cut a big 3GP file into several small-size files, at this time, you need to save the whole project for backup purpose. Then, import the saved project again and again to delete redundant clips to just export the only one into a single file each time.

But if you want to cut off some unwanted segments or exactly extract some parts you want, just hit the clips you don’t want and click the “Delete” icon.

cut 3gp file

3 Export the rest 3GP clips into a new file

When everything is done, just press the “Create” button to export the new file. At this time, a pop-up window will pop up to let you select an output method. If you still want to keep the file in 3GP format, just go to Format category and choose 3GP as the output format. After that, you can find the output file according to the output path.

 split 3gp

Download win version Download mac version

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