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3GP Cutter: How to Cut 3GP Files

Wondershare 3GP cutter is a great and easy-to-use tool to cut a big 3GP file into several smaller 3GP files, or to exactly select any segment you want from your 3GP file. The whole process is so damn easy. It seems you cut the 3GP file with a virtual scissor. You can cut it at any point of the video with a simple click. After that, this app will export the new video clip into a new file without any quality loss.

Just download and install this smart 3GP splitter -Wondershare Video Editor (Video Editor for Mac). And then follow the step-by-step tutorial below to cut your 3GP files.

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First part, how to cut 3gp file with Wondershare Video Editor

1 Add 3GP files to this 3GP cutter

There are two different ways for you to add 3GP files to this 3GP splitter. Hit the “Import” button on the main menu of the interface to browse your computer and then import your wanted 3GP files to this app’s album. Or you can also add your files by directly dragging and dropping them into this app’s album.

3GP splitter

2 Cut 3GP file

Drag one of 3GP files from the album to the timeline at the bottom. And then move the top of the red Time Indicator to put it at one point you want, click the scissor-like cion, move the Time Indicator to another point, and hit the scissor icon again. In this way, you can cut the 3GP file into several clips.

If you want to cut a big 3GP file into several small-size files, at this time, you need to save the whole project for backup purpose. Then, import the saved project again and again to delete redundant clips to just export the only one into a single file each time.

But if you want to cut off some unwanted segments or exactly extract some parts you want, just hit the clips you don’t want and click the “Delete” icon.

cut 3gp file

3 Export the rest 3GP clips into a new file

When everything is done, just press the “Create” button to export the new file. At this time, a pop-up window will pop up to let you select an output method. If you still want to keep the file in 3GP format, just go to Format category and choose 3GP as the output format. After that, you can find the output file according to the output path.

export 3gp

Also check out below video tutorial on how to cut 3GP files step by step:

Second part, top ten best free 3GP cutters for users

There are times when bigger is not always better, and for mobile use, this definitely applies to video files. Being able to cut your 3Gp files intosmaller sections is extremely helpful and as such many people look for software designed to do just this for them. The facility is included in many commercial applications, usually alongside a huge number of other features you may not need, so here we are concentrating on finding the best free 3GP cutters we can find.

1.) Free Video Cutter

A simple, easy to use program to start off with, Free Video Cutter offers us a simple interface that hides a surprisingly broad feature set, enabling you to cut your video with ease. Not only does the software support 3GP but it can also cope with a huge variety of other video formats and cope with any of your cutting requirements. The cutting process itself is simple point and drag operation with your mouse, it takes into account audio and even subtitles and lets you worry only about the precise point you wish to cut your video, as a good cutting application should do. As we can see, a very basic interface but it enables you to do everything you may want, quickly and efficiently, highly recommended.

Free Video Cutter

2.) Moo0 Video Cutter

Another very easy to use program, this one works slightly differently in that it is non-destructive of the initial file. It creates a second file of the section you want cut and retained, leaving you free to do what you wish with the original. Although simple, the interface here is a little more attractive to look at and the software itself feels a touch more professionally finished than out first choice, however it is perhaps not quite as adept at dealing with the audio component and beyond 3GP it has a smaller range of compatibility than Free Video Cutter. A nice program with a better interface.

Moo0 Video Cutter

3.) Weeny Free Video Cutter

This program adds another useful talent to the mix, being able to convert cuts to another format on the fly, and even adjust frame rates, audio settings and so on as well. As you may expect with these added features the interface is a little busier, but it is still straightforward to operate and anyone can start cutting videos within five minutes of starting to use it. A well featured piece of software than can cut your 3GP files and many other video format too.

Weeny Free Video Cutter

4.) Kate’s Video toolkit

This is a very comprehensive package that also includes the ability to cut your 3GP files. Whilst the ability to act as a fully-fledged video player, video convertor mixer and video joiner are very impressive, we are focusing on the cutting aspects of these programs, and here the video toolkit works very well indeed. Offering a huge variety of compatibility beyond 3GP, and with the wealth of other features, this software package represents a great choice for general video manipulation, although it can be a little overwhelming for the newcomer just wanting to cut some video into smaller clips, and here the simpler programs may be better suited.

Kate’s Video toolkit

5.) Tomatosoft Free Video Cutter

Another software package that uses non-destructive methods for cutting video clips, this one sticks to the basics and offers a simple interface and the ability to cut 3GP and a variety of other formats using a simple dragging of the timeline operation. It is straightforward and easy to use, and a basic, although adequate user interface. Works well with no frills

Tomatosoft Free Video Cutter

6.) Easy Video Splitter

Another simple to use program, this one has a more refined interface than some here and whilst others are as simple to use and just as effective, they don’t manage to feel quite as finished in terms of interface as this one does. It does support other formats beyond 3GP although not as many as some here, and it allows you to schedule batch splits on a large file and it will complete them in turn. Aside from that it is functional and gets the job done as well as any other here. It just does video cutting and nothing else, but the interface makes it feel like a commercial product.

Easy Video Splitter

7.) Video Cutter Max

Another video cutter that allows file conversion and includes support for a huge number of formats and file types beyond the 3GP that is the focus of our attention here. It uses a basic interface similar to others in this list and performs comparably as well, offering easy operation and speedy operation. Straightforward interface masks a good performer.

Video Cutter Max

8.) Free Video Cutter Expert

A great package that easily cuts your 3GP files but also can act as a media player and has additional editing features on top. Beyond 3GP it offers a broad range of compatibility with other formats and is presented in a relatively clean and easy to follow interface that helps keep the process of cutting your files as simple as possible. Although others do offer more features or perhaps a little more finesse in the interface design, this is a good package overall. Useful additional features make this a good package.

Free Video Cutter Expert

9.) Cute Video Cutter

Allowing you to cut your 3GP files very easily, along with a variety of other file formats, Cute Video Cutter is another minimalist program that adds few frills or extras, but does its intended job of cutting files very well and fuss free. A nice simple interface allows work to proceed smoothly and with everything easy to understand the newcomer can soon be editing without a problem. Simple, easy to use, no frills software ideal for the beginner.

Cute Video Cutter

10.) Video cutter Joiner

As the name suggests, this is a software package that can cut and join software, it can also convert files into various different formats and supports a wide range along with 3GP. It is presented in a very simple interface that offers no fills at all, but is adequate to perform the tasks at hand. In operation it works well, speed is on a par with most others here and the output is of good quality. Very simple to use, and can join clips together as well.

Video cutter Joiner


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