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Edit Video and Audio

Edit Video and Audio

Covers all the relevant video & audio editing as well as troubleshooting tips, tricks and guides. You will also be able to find software guides, free video & audio editing tools and much more to turn your video into a unique piece of work.

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Want to apply mosaic to the picture/video you’ve taken with your digital camera or downloaded from the Web? Give this intuitive and easy to use Mosaic maker a try.
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Have multiple MP4 files and want to merge MP4 files into one? It's a pie for Wondershare Video Editor. See how to use MP4 joiner here (Windows 8 included).
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Have you ever shoot video and found it rotated 90 degree? It's an error made by many people. So this article tells you to rotate a video.
How to Edit MP4 Video in Mac/Windows (Windows 8 included)
How to Edit MP4 Files? With Wondershare MP4 editor for Mac/Win, you can easily and quickly edit MP4 videos with stunning effects to create great videos.
How to Zoom in Video After It's Recorded or Saved
Want to zoom in video on sections of interest after it's been recorded? Here shows you how to zoom in video with a smart video zoomer for Mac/Win (Windows 8 supported)
Texts and Titles: How to Add Titles, Texts and Credits to Video
Wondershare Video Editor comes with powerful yet easy to use text editing tools to help you add titles to video easily. See step by step tutorial here.
Change Aspect Ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 and Vice Versa (Windows 8 included)
This article will show you how to change aspect ratio between 4:3 and 16:9 step by step (Windows 8 included). Check it out.
How Can I Change The Video's Frame Rate?
It is totally possible for you to change the video frame rate. You can either decrease or increase the frame rate.
How to Cut / Split / Trim Videos without Quality Loss in Mac/Windows
How to cut videos into clips? Just get the handy but powerful video cutter to start video cutting on Mac/Windows.
How to Merge FLV Files
Wondershare FLV merger makes it easy to merge FLV videos into a big video collection without video quality loss. Just check out the solution here.
How to Merge Videos Easily and Quickly
Want to merge videos without any degradation of quality? Just use Wondershare video editor as a powerful video merger to merge your videos easily, quickly.
How to Trim/Cut/Split MP4 (MPEG/MPG) Video
This article gives a step-by-step guide on how to trim,cut, split MP4 (MPEG/MPG) files easily and quickly.
AVI Editor for Windows 8: Easily Edit AVI Files on PC
Want to edit your recorded AVI files in Windows 8 but your Windows Movie Maker failed to recognize the AVI codec? Download this solid and easy to use AVI editor for Windows now.
How to Join RMVB Files Quickly and Easily
Have two parts or several segments of a movie in RMVB format and would like to join them together? Find the perfect answer here.
How to Join MPG Files
If you’re looking for a great MPG joiner to join MPG files quickly and easily, this detailed how-to guide here is right for you. Just three simple steps.
How to Edit MPG Files
If you want to edit MPG files, here, you can get an excellent MPG editor and a detailed guide to help you make the great masterpiece easily and quickly.
How to Edit H.264 Files
This intelligent H.264 editor puts all the editing tools you need at your fingertips, so you can crop, trim, cut, merge H.264 files and more quickly, easily.
How to Resize FLV Videos Efficiently
Want to share a FLV video to YouTube, but only find it too big to upload successfully? Check an easy and efficient solution to resize your FLV videos for much smaller size.
FLV Joiner: How to Join Multiple FLV Videos into One
This article shows how to join flv videos into one step by step and recommends top 9 best free flv joiners with main features.
DVR-MS Editor: How to Edit DVR-MS Files Fast and Easy
Want to edit your DVR recordings like removing the adverts or merge some short clips together to create an entire show? Download DVR-MS video editor to do it and achieve more.