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System Utility

System Utility

Want to keep you computer running at top and desirable performance? You certainly won't be disappointed with the amount of articles in this System Utility. It covers troubleshooting guide on error fixing, reboot, optimization, disk management, password management and so much more.

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Everything about Disk Format and Format Disk
This article tells you about disk format types and how to convert fat to ntfs without losing data.
How to Partition a Hard Disk with Disk Partition Manager
When you purchase a hard disk, how could you partition it? Create, delete, format and resize partition are very easy jobs actually.
2 Ways to Fix "BOOTMGR Is Missing" Problem
It's really annoying when encountering the problem of BOOTMGR is missing. But don't be worried. There are 2 ways for you to fix it in Windows.
Boot Up Crashed Computer with Windows 7 Boot Disk
HELP! Windows 7 won't boot up! No technical term and no professional skill required, Windows 7 boot disk help to boot up your system with 1 click.
5 Things You Can Do When Your Computer Won't Boot Up
Crap! The computer won't boot up at all. Most of computer users might have experienced this. Stay calm! There are 5 things you can do to save your Windows.
Windows XP Keeps Rebooting[Solved]
Your Windows keeps restarting over and over? Don't worry now. This guide here offers you three ways to fix your XP rebooting issue. Check in for details!
Windows 7 Crashed (Blue/Black Screen, Freeze, Rebooting, etc.)
How can I solve Windows 7 crashes? This article provides you the most complete solutions to Windows 7 crash problems. Check in and read it now!
How to Fix Hard Drive Failure & Crash
How to fix hard drive failure and do data recovery? 3 steps to rescue you from any imaginable computer crash and get back lost data.
How to Create Bootable LiveBoot USB
Wondershare LiveBoot offers you the inbuilt burner, you only need to insert a USB drive and take 3 clicks to finish your bootable USB burning. Follow now!
Windows Recovery CD/Disk: A Perfect Solution to Windows
Blue screen, black screen, boot crash, loading crash, etc. A Windows recovery CD or disk can help to fix them all in seconds.
How to Fix Windows Registry Errors Easily
Registry errors can bring your computer slow start-up, blue screen, freezing or even crash. This guide tells you to fix them all with 1 click as an expert.
How to Optimize Windows Registry with One Click
Optimizing Windows system is crucial for the health of your computer. Don't need to be an expert, you also can optimize the Windows registry with 1 click.
How to Change File System without Formatting
Is there a way to change file system without formatting, here you can get the answer to quickly convert FAT/FAT32 to NTFS or convert NTFS to FAT/FAT32.
How to Securely Erase an SSD Drive
Difficult to erase an SSD data? Not really! This guide here shows you 3 steps to erase your SSD permanently and completely, just a job for baby.
How to Reset Windows Vista Password Without Loading in
Need to reset Vista password to access your computer? This guide provides you with a 2-step solution to reset password of your Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7.
How to Reset Lost Windows 7 Password
Lost your Windows 7 password? The best way to make your computer not a dead machine and keep data stored on it intact, is to reset the lost password.
How to Fix Invalid Partition Table
To fix invalid partition table, Wondershare PowerSuite Golden can rectify it, repairing the master boot record so that it points correctly to the partition containing the OS.
Vista Won't Boot Up: How to Fix it
Vista won't boot? When the safe mode is also a dead end, you can turn to a boot disk for help. Learn more by checking in.
How to Remove Startup Programs in Windows
This guide shows you how to remove startup programs that are useless and slow down your computer from booting up. It only takes you a few minutes.
How to Uninstall Programs You Can't Remove
Can't remove the stubborn program from your computer? Don't worry. This article provides a perfect solution for you to fix it in 2 steps.