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Songs for Baby Slideshow

Whatever age your child is at now, do you still remember how your kid looked like the first time he/she smiled, crawled, sit up, stood up, waved Bye-Bye, ate food and took his/her first step? A little bit fuzzy, uh? You will remember it well if you had made the first year's baby slideshow using all of these "Firsts" photos accompanied by soothing, beautiful background music in the slideshow.

It is always a delight to watch the slideshow full of precious memories. If the process of making a slideshow becomes easier, it may add to the pleasure. Before making a slideshow, you may have got your baby's "Firsts" pictures if you are keen on capturing every moment of your child. But where can you find the baby slideshow songs easily? How can you download the music from the websites? And finally how to make wonderful slideshows? Don't worry. Just follow us to find the solutions to all the problems.

Part 1: The great list of baby songs for slideshow making

Here is a list of baby songs that you may find great to have and listen to.

baby songs A Baby's Prayer--Kathy Trocolli

baby songs Baby Mine--Allison Krauss

baby songs Beautiful Boy-- Celine Dion

baby songs Lullaby--Johannes Brahms

baby songs Handprints On The Wall--Kenny Rogers

baby songs He Gave Me You--Siera

baby songs In My Daughter's Eyes--Martina McBride

baby songs Let Them Be Little--Billy Dean

baby songs My Girl -- The Temptations

baby songs Daddy Sing Me to Sleep--BlacktopGYPSY

baby songs The Greatest Discovery--Elton John

baby songs The Greatest Gift -- Steve & Annie Chapman

baby songs Tough Little Boys--Gary Allan

baby songs Upside Down--Jack Johnson

baby songs I Just Love You--Five For Fighting

Part 2: Where to find baby songs on the web

If you want more baby song options, here are several music sites and music video sites that you can search for baby songs. See the list of such sites below.

Music sites Short description Music video sites Short description
Pandora is the biggest internet radio that you can stream a lot of different songs.
youtube music

YouTube, is the biggest video search engine on the web that enables you to find different kinds of music videos.

Spotify is a music service that enables you to find millions of songs to listen to online.
MTV is the autority resource for music videos and you can easily find what you need.
Grooveshark is a free music service that you can make the most to find unlimited songs.
VEVO has a lot of music videos that you can make the most of.
itunes radio
iTunes Radio is a new internet radio service that you can use to find baby songs easily by using one baby song you know already.
yahoo music
Yahoo Music is where you can find tons of music videos to stream online.
Songza has many playlists for different situations that you can choose and also you can find the baby songs you want.
vimeo music
Vimeo also has a category of music that you can find the music videos you want.

Part 3: How to download baby songs for slideshow making

You may find baby songs from different sources. Don't worry. Here we will tell you how to download baby songs from music sites and music video sites respectively.

Program you need to download baby songs from music sites-Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

wondershare streaming audio recorder
  • 1. Download online music from various sites with 1:1 good quality
  • 2. Retrieve song information automatically
  • 3. Schedule to download and filter out ads

How to use Wondershare SAR to download baby songs from music sites

Step 1. Download and Install this program on your computer

Download this program to install on your computer and then launch it to get ready.

baby songs for slideshow

Step 2. Start to download music

Click the Record button on the top left corner of the primary window and go to music sites to play baby songs you find. When the music starts playing, this program will record it to save to your computer.

baby songs

Step 3. Transfer the music to iTunes

Go to the Library to find the songs you have recorded. If you need to transfer the music to iTunes, you can select the song and click the Add to iTunes button on the bottom. It's just that easy.

songs about babies

Program you need to download baby songs from music video sites-Wondershare AllMyTube

wondershare youtube downloader
  • 1. Download music videos from sites like YouTube, VEVO, MTV and much more
  • 2. Extract MP3 files from video files
  • 3. Task scheduler, video player and manager

How to use Wondershare AllMyTube to download baby songs from music video sites

Step 1. Install the Wondershare AllMyTube

Download this program to install on your computer. Remember to choose the right version. When you open it, you will find a clean window as shown on the right.

songs about babies

Step 2. Download the videos

Go to video sites to play baby songs you find and you will see a Download button floating on the top right. Click the button to start downloading the video. You can also copy the url of the video and click the Paste URL button on the primary window of the program.

songs for baby video

Step 3. Convert the videos to MP3

Go to the Finished library to find the video and click the Convert button on the right. Then select MP3 in the Output Format window. Click OK to start the converting.

win Version mac Version

song for baby video

Part 4: How to make slideshow with the downloaded baby songs

After the baby songs for slideshow are downloaded, you can use them to make slideshows together with your photos and videos.

Program you need-Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

wondershare DSB
  • 1. Add as many as photos, videos and songs to make slideshow
  • 2. Customize the slideshow with great movie styles
  • 3. You can direct share the slideshow to YouTube
win Version

How to use Wondershare DSB to make slideshows with baby songs

Step 1. Add photos or videos to the program

Click Add Files to import photos or videos about your baby to the program.

music for baby slideshow

Step 2. Add baby songs to the photo slideshow

Go to the Personalize tab to click the Music toolbar and then you can add the background music. Or you can straightly drag the baby songs to the music track. After that, you can add more styles for the slideshow.

baby slideshow music

Step 3. Save the slideshow with background music

Go to Publish tab to get the slideshow saved. You can burn to DVD, save directly to computer or even share to YouTube.

family songs for slideshow

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Nice post! Thanks!
An absolutely fun list of songs to accompany a slide show! I'm at work already starting my great production. Thanks!! Katie