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2014-07-24 14:26:07
A Real WONDER! by Teknut

Have used Mobile Go for a few years now and at the outset it was the only app that could really easily manipulate the contacts and data on a phone and backup and restore reliably. The 5.0 version is really superb - kudos to the development team!

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2014-07-24 11:48:26
A wonderfull software for mobile phone by Binoy Sopanam

A wonderfull software for mobile phone. i share my joy of utilizing this software with all my friends and to all my clients.

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2014-07-24 05:02:38
About Idea and Software by Dhananjay D. Waghchaure

Its a really damn cool software and helpful to keep backup of Phone or any phone to android. the main thing cool about this software is one can keep backup of contacts and messages through Android to PC, Really awesome.Congratulations!!!!

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2014-07-22 03:40:57
MobileGo review by mongblang

You can deride Apple iTunes for its cut-off, protected environment. And you can complain about the iPhone's closed nature. But what you can't deny is that Apple's two products work incredibly well together, delivering a seamless solution for transferring data back and forth between a phone and a computer. It's exactly what's missing from phones running the Android operating system. And it's just what Wondershare's MobileGo attempts to deliver. This $40 (around £25) application (a free demo version is available) lets you connect your Windows PC to your supported Android smartphone to transfer music, movies, pictures, and more. Once MobileGo is installed, you connect your Android phone to the PC via USB and wait for the software to recognize the phone. I tested it with the LG Optimus V from Virgin Mobile, and MobileGo didn't immediately recognize the phone. I had to tell the app the name of the phone, and still had manually download a driver for the phone and restart both my phone and computer multiple times before I could establish a connection between the two. Wondershare says that the problem was likely due to the fact that the LG phone was not on their list of supported models. If your phone is not supported, you can send a request to Wondershare using an on-phone application. These requests are typically filled within a day, Wondershare says. My experience improved dramatically when MobileGo was able to connect my phone and my computer. The application's interface is bright and clean, and nicely laid out. The home screen offers an overview of your phone's storage capacity, as well as the contents of any storage card you may have. Like iTunes does for the iPhone, MobileGo lets you see how much space is being occupied by music, photos, movies, and other content. Unlike iTunes, MobileGo does not detail how much space is occupied by any apps you may have downloaded, though. MobileGo allows you to transfer contacts from Outlook or a Symbian phone to your Android phone. This will be handy for users who rely on Outlook. But if you already rely on Google's cloud-based contact manager - as many Android users likely do, given the tight integration between Gmail and Android - it will be of little use. More helpful will be the way MobileGo lets you view and compose SMS messages, and manage music, movies, or photos. You can export the contents of your phone to your PC, and you can transfer content over to your phone. If you'd like to transfer a file that is not in a supported format, MobileGo handles the work for you, notifying you of the incompatibility and handling the file conversion for you. I tested the conversion feature with a 30-minute episode of Modern Family, in .mkv format. MobileGo handled the conversion quickly and easily; within a few minutes, I was watching the sitcom on my phone. The only oddity was that, as a "Movie," the episode was stored in my phone's Gallery app - which normally stores photos and videos that you record yourself. It played back on the phone without a hitch. The free demo version does not allow transferring of contacts, and converting music and video to Android-supported formats, but does offer the ability to backup and restore, as well as transferring files to and from the phone.

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2014-07-22 03:21:31
Wondershare MobileGo for Android very good! by mongblang

Wondershare MobileGo for Android links your mobile phone to your Windows PC via Wi-Fi for super-easy uploading, downloading, backups, apps management, and more. It's a two-part system, with a free Android app on your phone or tablet and premium software on your Windows PC. The Android app includes a speed-up feature that frees up memory and closes unneeded apps. The Windows program does much more, like installing apps, sending SMS, finding duplicate contacts, transferring files and contacts, importing and converting music and other media files (including iTunes playlists), and one-click backup of all or some of your phone's data and records to your PC.

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2014-07-19 14:31:50
All In One Application For Android Devices. by Rakesh Dubey

I'm a old user of Wondershare MobileGo & since beginning I'm deeply impressed with the features and easiness of the application. It is Must-Have application for the owner of Android based device. All new users of Android or people who are looking for Android manager or PC Suite for Android devices, try out MobileGo, you will not get disappointed. Keep up the good work..

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2014-07-12 23:07:14
The best Device Manager on PC by Ervin F. McColum

It is like iTunes program for Android/PC! You don't need any kies! You just need Wondershare MobileGO, and everything will be ok! :) Thumbs up

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2014-07-11 07:38:01
Excellent by Larché

Since I use mobilego for android, everything is at there place, well stored, nothing is missing with mobilego. Then I decided to upgrade to plus, it deserve, we will not be disappointed.

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2014-07-10 10:12:52
So Far very iimpressed by Steve Weigandt

Just downloaded and purchased yesterday, but I was able to recover all of my data on a Galaxy S4 that was stolen, for the battery, thrown against a concrete wall and left under a bush during several really nasty thunderstorms. Thank god the battery was removed. I opened it up as best as I could, and let it dry for a couple of weeks, put the replacement phones battery in the old phone and got it to come up, and was able to run a backup. Transferred the information to my PC, then back to my replacement phone. I did not know what to expect, since the impact with the concrete wall caused several cracks to appear on the phone case, and the back cover does not quite fit right. I am not sure if it is the Samsung design, but two Sundays ago Memphis got 6.8" of rain in one day, and the old phone stayed under a bush outside my office, MobileGo for Android, and Mobile Trans got all of my information from my old Phone to my new phone. I am amazed and very pleased.

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2014-07-08 21:50:44
Best PC Suite for every Android Device by Rajesh (

MobileGo is one of the best PC Suite Application which works for all the Android Devices. In short we dont need any official PC suite from Samsung, Htc, Sony..

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