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2014-08-01 08:48:45
very good and simple by varun.v. anil

very good and simple

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2014-07-30 12:14:54
Simple and fast, missing a few key features by Skywalker

Wondershare is an intuitive software that's perfect for anyone lamenting the loss of "old" Windows Movie Maker. It's not over-loaded with features and gives you maximum control over your timeline. It also allows you to specify all your own export settings for fps and kbps. Great alternative to the much more expensive packages on the market today. However, it's still missing a few key features. These include pan/zoom and a fade-in/fade-out effect. Fade-in and fade-out is integral to my own editing work, making this software just shy of ideal for actual editing. Also, there's no way to copy pieces from one project into a new project. I'd like to see these things added in a future update of the program. However, it's still an excellent choice.

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2014-07-29 01:27:07
Wondershare Video Editor Review by kashif

it is very nice

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2014-07-28 18:51:47
Easy, Simple, Wonderful! by Matthew Skidmore

When I accidentally deleted a far more expensive editor from my computer, Wondershare saved me with their Video Editing software. Adobe Premiere Elements was complicated, didn't render as good, and wouldn't let me record videos on it. So now, I am saved, and have the program to prove!

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2014-07-22 10:20:10
Excellent video editor by Nur Sarwar

It is a user friendly video editor that will bring a very high standard output for the user.

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2014-07-21 22:32:39
Wondershare Video Editor Review by Kaitlyn

Wondershare is one of cheapest and easiest video editing softwares. I am SO glad that I found their website! I am so happy that I can make my videos so much better now by using this software!! So excited :D Thanks Wondershare

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2014-07-21 13:38:47
Very Better than Sony Vegas Pro 13 by iSonicMaker

This is better than sony vegas pro because sony vegas is hard to edit for, Like I mean... I have to search up on youtube how to overlay text and video, but... when I discovered Wondershare... I got it, and when I started using it I was like, MAN THIS IS BETTER THAN SONY VEGAS! Get this program now if your a youtuber.

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2014-07-20 15:19:43
Best of the Best by Sostenes R Ibarra

I've been using wondershare Video Editing software to make some of my DVD's is very user friendly

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2014-07-18 05:58:53
Good Program by Benjamin Tulchinsky

WS Video Editor is a good video editing program with many new great features(including exportion)that a movie-making program should have!!

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2014-07-14 23:06:08
Best Video Editor Ever by Ceara Morton

Used this to edit my MikuMikuDance videos. Better than Movie Maker.

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