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2014-03-08 03:07:57
Stunning by Nadji

i really love this software thank you.

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2014-03-07 21:09:07
exellent programme by anzill

lovable skin,good look,easy to use ,i love this programme verymuch,

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2014-02-28 05:38:14
stylish by usama ahmed


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2014-02-25 02:04:30
good by jiu

very good

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2014-02-20 23:26:15
Wonderful for YouTube by Michael Lyons

This is a wonderful video editor for YouTube users. But there's a major bug at the moment where you can't upload the video because YouTube says the video isn't in a streamable format. PLEASE FIX IMMEDIATELY!

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2014-01-06 10:37:37
After frustration with iMovie and Windows Live Movie Maker, this does 95% of what I need by K-Tel of the One Hit Wonders B

Trying to edit my band live videos into a promo reel (like those old k-tel record ads), I hit the wall with iMovie (couldn't resize photos coming in) and Live MovieMaker (other missing features)... both had cool features but neither could do what I need for the project. Did my research and landed on Wondershare for $29. Nice drag n drop interface for video, PIP, narration, effects, etc AND it lets me do the scrolling song titles with timing which the others didn't. Some of the effects & transitions are a little cheesy, but there's lots to choose from there. Preview features are nice, as well as the cropping capabilities. I'm more of a Windows guy but also am comfortable with Apple stuff, but I just found this Windows version accurate, usable, and pretty intuitive. Overall, if you've got the time and the horsepower, this seems like very good bang for the buck and it's working for me.

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2013-12-31 11:22:29
Excellent product! by juno

Works well and easy to use!

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2013-12-22 18:43:13
Helped with my Wedding videos by Zahid

Helped me greatly with editing video and audio and chopping and putting back bits and finalizing my wedding videos. Love you guys!

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2013-12-19 18:45:31
Wondershare is Wonderful!!!! by Richard Bailey

I downloaded the program yesterday and had fun playing with it to see what it would do. Took some files and converted them. Made a short movie using Facebook video of my great grand daughter, added music and titles. My wife was amazed of how it turned out with me just playing around. Thanks!!!!

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2013-12-19 00:30:48
Wondershare Video Editor is Easier to Use than Another I've Tried by Greg White

That's it, basically. It's that Wondershare Video Editor is MUCH easier to use than another I've tried. After struggling with another for a LONG time, I thought that video editing was inherently hard to do, but with Wondershare, that is not so. The interface is completely intuitive. I've already purchased over a year ago. Thanks.

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