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    - From CNET Editor, 10/19/2011

2015-01-08 05:18:44
5 star by debie

very... very good....

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2015-01-07 19:27:29
Great Converter by Dustin

I tried for hours to put a home video on dvd and was unsuccessful with all the microsoft built in programs. I downloaded a couple free programs and couldn't get my home video to play in a dvd player. After downloading this software I got my dvd burnt and playing within 20 minutes. The only issue I've seen is that it doesn't do subtitles, and depending on the home movie I couldn't get it to burn in 16:9. Small issues since it actually burnt. Would highly recommend this to anyone.

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2015-01-07 17:05:11
Just Great by Dave Wilber

It dos what it claims, it does it well, it does it fast, it just does it!!!!

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2014-12-26 12:47:28
Great product and it keeps getting better. by Oh Shizzle

I'm thoroughly enjoying the new and easy-to-use local media streaming capabilities!

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2014-12-18 04:54:29
The best of its kind. by Beauregard d''Ripley.

I find this program is the best I've come across for all my video conversions. Sometimes you'll find you need to use a specific program for a particular job, but this one does just about anything, consistently. It's amazing that it is actually free, and is well worth a donation..

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2014-12-08 09:41:17
Blazing software results! by Graham G

I've had the chance to try the trial version now I have the ultimate video converter full edition. it works so blazingly well it is so stable, can work on 5 files at a time, the actual quality of each video that I can put on my phone now is 6 times that of my original files that I used to play on my phone and the compression of each files while keeping the same quality is amazing!!!. H.265!!!

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2014-12-08 05:01:11
Best video converter on the market by far by Frank

this is an incredible converter. I used it once as a demo, then bought it. There hasn't been many videos it didn't want to convert, and so god damn quick. The only suggestion (hope for future updates) is to make the editing page full screen. It seems a little lazy to just have that small screen, when I'm sure it wouldn't take much to make it adjustable, making this far and away the best vid converter available.

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2014-11-27 14:05:30
A great piece of software! by Greggus

In almost every respect Video Converter Ultimate is an outstanding piece of software which is uncomplicated and doesn't need a handbook to get great results very quickly. The only additional functionality that would make a great difference applies to the following scenario. A DVD box set contains more that one DVD. On each DVD there are, say, 10 episodes. Some DVDs store all of the episodes as one long file, with 10 index points. Currently with some discs "Ultimate" cannot *automatically* chop up the long file into 10 individual episodes corresponding to 10 individual files that could be accessed separately. I have to revert to CloneDVDmobile which can do this automatically. I'm sure that Wondershare will get this feature into "Ultimate" soon.

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2014-11-22 13:51:17
Excellent BUT by Geoff Taylor

A great program in every respect. I have only two complaints. !. The program took seconds to load from its own installed shortcut? When I create my own shortcut The program loads instantly ?? 2, I would have liked choice in whether I installed the download helper and its associated windows services. I had to disable the feature myself. I would consider myself a bit of a geek, so these complaints probably dont apply to most people. Overall Video Converter is probably the best of its kind because of the balance between simple attractive user interface and yet plenty of options when you want them. Very close to being a 5 star program.

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2014-11-21 09:20:10
Soooo Easy to use by MCM1701

I have used many programs over the years to covert video files and to download from sites such as YouTube,....where have you been all my life! I was able to use this program without any instructions at all, the simplicity of use yet the ability to do so much at such speed....excellent! Yes I'm am giving this a five star review, but the ultimate praise is that I am buying the upgrade version!

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