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2014-05-03 20:19:57
Wondershare is WONDERFUL !! by Brendan

As a Mac user it has been difficult to find a solid format conversion software that\'s fast as well. BUT Wondershare is without a doubt the best yet! It has heaps of formats and it converts with blistering speeds! And the user interface is so easy to use. I LOVE IT!

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2014-05-02 23:01:27
Sesoned Pro! by Rik Hilborn

I\'ve been a professional video editor for over 13 years and this is the best converter there is!

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2014-04-30 04:07:41
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac Review by Aaron

Fantastic software!!

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2014-04-22 17:47:46
Indispensable!!! by Art

A must have app period!

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2014-04-17 11:06:15
The Best Yet!!! by Donald Camp

A friend suggested that I try this to convert DVDs that I own, to formats that I could use on my I-Pad. It\'s the quickest and the easiest yet. It\'s truly MAC easy. He\'s a true friend now.

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2014-04-13 01:04:21
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac Review by pankaj


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2014-04-07 01:10:27
good by hy


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2014-03-28 20:56:30
10 years Hard Labour....Then Wondershare by Peter

Hi I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Wondershare. I have ran and purchased varying software and brands for over 10 years, From VCD\'s to now HD MKV\'s and iPad I can seriously tell you Nothing comes close to wondershare. After two days of solid use, by me a video veteran, I knew this software is by far the best I have ever used. In the past I have been let down by so many, particularly as a MAC user, one I paid over $100 for and didn\'t work with bugs all over it. They didn\'t want to know and refused to refund Not a concern with Wondershare its awesome OK why am I stoked ? Firstly It converts three times faster than anything else, and the video output is clean No screen jaggers, Secondlly all the flexibility, merge files etc Thirdly heaps of output and input codecs. It will do anything Don\'t get a trial and have a watermarked output, just get the wallet out, let the moths fly and buy it, you will be happy, Also have a look at the you tube downloader Works great to0, my wife likes looking at shows on her iPhone on you tube she\'s amazed I can now store them for her, things you just don\'t see on TV anymore Forget DVD Fab, Forget Xillisoft !!!!! Forget Handbrake and Smart Converter Just get it !!! Its awesome

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2014-03-23 05:54:35
King of Converters by Lee Cobb

I spent a huge amount of time testing all manner of free converters on my Mac and found they were left wanting. Eventually I spent money on some converters and only Video Converter Ultimate ticked all the boxes. I\'ve converted my DVD\'s to a hard drive so I can access my films easily. ACE!

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2014-03-21 13:28:18
Great investment by George Graves

This is one application that never, and I mean never, disappoints me. With the exceptions of one or two video formats coming from around 2000, there is nothing this won\'t digest and spit out something usable. It is amazing. Other than video editing interface improvements, I can\'t think of a thing I would change. It does the big job - video and audio format conversions - flawlessly. Plus, I should mention that Wondershare keeps everything up to date with new formats and periodic improvements. Kudos, Wondershare.

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